Wednesday, February 19, 2014

House Updates - Upstairs Refreshes!

We have made a couple of small updates upstairs since I posted our updates recently. So, I thought I would post some of the updates. Pictures in the bathroom as well as a new shower curtain and towels.

A clock, this is important for me in the morning, for some reason I almost always have morning meetings before 8. 

The stairway with the railing that the boy sanded and stained darker. Really pleased with the way it turned out. 

We put the headboard on the bed in the guest room and hung some pictures. I love this picture of the apple blossoms that my dad and I bought at an auction for $1. 

Mirror over the dresser. Sometimes I debate using this room only as a guest room since we don't have guests all that often. It is nice for when we do have guests, but seems like we could be using this room more often.

I am not sure where we had the cedar chest before, but we moved it under the window in the guest room and it seems to work really well there. I would like to put a cushion on it to use as a bench. 

We have filled in the shelf in the guest bathroom. Lots of Aveda product for our guests courtesy of my brother in law who works for them. 

I also put up the other Tommy Bahama shower curtain that I bought for this bathroom. Not sure which one I like better but it is nice to switch things up every once in a while. 

We have quite a few more updates that we need to make, but it is nice to freshen things up every once in a while. I still need to post the laundry room, but of course the Living Room is underway and I can't wait to post that when it is done. 

Still to come (these are the rooms that have been completed, I just need to get the pictures posted)

Laundry Room

Rooms to be done or that are in progress

The Living Room
The Kitchen


Jacky said...

Oh we'll be booking our stay soon!

Martha said...

Girl? You are GOING TO TOWN on your house! The stairs look AWESOME! I think I wanna do that to mine. Was it hard?

Your sitting and dining rooms look amazing!


Carrie said...

Hey! It is Carrie (curlycraftymom) from Instagram! Finally decided to check out your blog and follow! I LOVE the bathroom pics, I so wish we had white cabinets in our bathroom... I need to repaint them. Do you have the towels hung on the door? That is such a neat and original idea! Love it!