Wednesday, February 05, 2014

House Update - Sitting Room

When we decided to switch the formal living room and the formal dining room around, the hope was to one day, possible knock down the wall that divided the kitchen with what we had turned the formal dining room into, a sitting room. But, after we re-did the dining room, I couldn't stand to look from the dining room into the sitting room. I knew we had to give it a little make over. Well, now it is my favorite room in the house. Other than my office, I spend more time there than anywhere else. 
Of course we have the before shots (if you want to see how the room looks empty, you can see it in the dining room post). This is how we had been "using" the room. I use that term loosely as we really weren't using the room at all, not like we are now anyway. 

The cabinet in the corner has traveled with me from Connecticut. I am kind of sad, but it is in the garage at the moment and I think it is going to my mom's shop next.. The bookcase, which the boy re-did (and was actually purchased at an estate sale, where the Rehab Addict, Nicole Curtis, did one of her first houses in the twin cities. LOVED that house!) will go downstairs in his office/library when we get that done. The wine bar went to one of my girlfriends, the chairs, which the boy has always hated, are currently in the living room until we decide what is next for them. I like them, the boy doesn't, not sure if there is room for compromise here. 

We need to get a few rugs up on Craigslist. I have never sold anything on Craigslist, but my sister is a pro. 


 Our neighbors have really helped with inspiration and ideas. It was P's idea to scrape the popcorn off of the alcove and paint the ceiling. I love the way it turned out. We used the bottom color from the dining room for one wall and the top color for the other three walls. I love the way it blends the two rooms together now

We did a lot of window shopping and looking for furniture for this room. I really had a good idea of what I wanted to do, but knew that it was going to be one of those, "I'll know it when I see it" kind of a deals. Luckily with all of the great Home Goods and Marshall's stores around us, and the fact that they turn over merchandise every week, we had lots to choose from. 
This was our first piece, the rug, and inspiration for the rest of the room. I loved how the colors went so well with the paint colors we had chosen, but it had that perfect pop of orange to make it fun.
I also knew how I wanted to use the room. Conversational, after and before dinner, relaxing with a glass of wine after work, reading the mail, Sunday morning just thinking about how to spend the day. Saturday afternoon curled up with a good book, a cozy throw, Stella cat and of course a glass of wine. We looked at a LOT of furniture. I knew we wanted two chairs, a coffee table, a small sofa or settee and a bar or something to use as a bar.
These were some of the pieces that we looked at, and liked, but they didn't make the cut. 

There are some great pieces in here, don't get me wrong, and it is always a lot of fun to look, but the boy came across these chairs at Ikea while we were looking, and decided THESE were the chairs for the sitting room. The funny thing is, I told him that we couldn't get the chairs until after we found the settee or love seat because we needed to make sure the colors worked since these chairs came in the orange, a navy blue and a gray. Realistically all three colors would work in this room, but he loved the orange, I did too, and you can't beat the price!

During one of our trips, we came across this piece at Home Goods, which I knew would work perfect as a bar, I love the way it turned out, and the boy took an old frame I had and turned it into the perfect chalkboard. 

I love having a bar in here. 

We did eventually find a settee that worked, again, Home Goods, it is very comfortable and fits perfectly. Of course it needed a gallery wall above it. 

The last thing that we needed was a light fixture. We don't use it very much, as we usually have the lamp on in the room which works perfectly, so I didn't want to spend a ton, but I still wanted it to work with the rest of the room and the dining room. Some of the contenders from Southern Lighting.

Ultimately we found one off of Smart Bargains and we are very pleased with it, especially since my dad was able to install it!

Some curtains and a curtain rod, also from Home Goods (I seriously think we keep this place in business) a couple of side/end tables from Target, a couple of throws and pillows and we were all set.  I really do love this room. We finished it right before Thanksgiving, and it has been getting  ton of use ever since. 

The last thing we did was replace the lamp on the bar, I think we brought home and tried 12 different lamps before we found the right one. Lighting was key. I will try to update with a picture when I get a chance.

Another project off of the list! We brought home paint samples for the kitchen and living room tonight, so hopefully I will have more projects to add to the list soon!
Sitting Room

Still to come (these are the rooms that have been completed, I just need to get the pictures posted)

Laundry Room


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I LOVE this room. I need you to come visit and help me complete my rooms, my walls are so sparse!