Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Things I am Digging!

Here are some of the things I am digging this week.

Something that never makes the preppy list, but I think is very preppy is Fresh Produce! I love the material and the colors that they use and I love my beach cover up dresses. I happen to have this one in a couple of colors.

This past weekend I finally took my tags off of my pink seersucker swimsuit pieces from Target. I wound up buying all four pieces so that I can mix and match and boy am I glad that I did. I ordered it back in the beginning of April so would be sure that I had it. LOVE IT!

Something else that comes in handy during MN summers is some good bug spray. My sister introduced me to this stuff and it not only smells good but it does not go on greasy or oily, I LOVE it!

This weekend the boy was talking about getting some new swim trunks, of course in my head I am going ding ding ding, I am all over that one. So I picked these JCrew trunks up for him for our upcoming week at the lake. I love them, love the print and he wanted some that were a little longer.

He also has been wanting (bugging me like crazy) these shorts. How can I resist, I love them too!

Hmmmm, kind of strange that everything seems to have a beach/outdoor related theme this week! Yes, we did just get back from a very nice relaxing weekend, but I am SO ready for a whole nine days away!


Libby said...

Fresh Produce is always overlooked, isn't it. I think they're things always feel the nicest in terms of materials.

Nine days! You lucky devil!

Julia said...

Jilly, thank you for the SP link, love it, email me, i'd love to talk to you about it!

Tres Poshe Preppy said...

Fresh Produce is so comfy!

Suburban prep said...

I love Fresh Produce. I worked at a store that sold them a few yrs ago and I purchaed quite a few items. I go to them time and again.

Meg said...

I like Fresh Produce, too...but I have noticed that you have to be careful about it. I was in a store last year that had nothing but FP and somehow it all looked like it was for the 50-something crowd. Some of those pieces are just a little too matchy matchy or something. Like I said, I think it's all about careful selection!

Love those swim trunks! And, I love the target suit as well.