Monday, January 25, 2016

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 4 - 2016

Weekends go by so fast! But we had a great weekend! We stayed in Friday night and just had a fire and relaxed, caught up on the DVR and just unwound from the week. 
Saturday we attended the soft-opening of a new restaurant Barley and Vine in Lakeville. There were five of us that went, and for the most part things were pretty good, but the kitchen definitely has some issues to work out. We had a good time and I found a new wine I really liked!

Sunday we did our yearly bowling day with my sister and her family to celebrate my niece and nephew, G + G's birthdays. Hard to believe they are fifteen already. But they are definitely teenagers, ugh. It is always fun to get together and bowl though.
This week is pretty low key for us, it is definitely winter here. We don't have ANY plans during the week. I am thinking we will try to get to the movies tomorrow night, but other than that, its a really low key week. I will probably try to get some organizing done at home, I have already cleaned out the drawers in our end tables in the living room. 

Plans - Home, DVR (which is almost empty! this NEVER happens!)
Breakfast - Waffles with peanut butter and a clementine
Lunch - Leftover curry with a fried egg
Dinner - Home Chef meal - Sirloin Steak with Fondant Potatoes

Plans - Cheap movie night so we will probably go see a movie. 
Breakfast - Oatmeal with granola
Lunch - Pumpkin soup and grilled cheese
Dinner - Out, happy hour somewhere before the movie

Plans - Home, laundry, DVR
Breakfast - Fruit and Cottage Cheese
Lunch - Salad with chicken
Dinner - Haluski (traditional Polish dish, I have not had this forever, cannot wait to make it!) 

Plans - Out for HH with neighbors
Breakfast - Egg bake (I have a ton of stuff I need to throw together and make into an egg bake)
Lunch - Leftover Haluski
Dinner - Out

Plans - Thinking we will probably stay in, but it depends on, it is actually supposed to get up to 40!
Breakfast - More egg bake
Lunch - Out with a former co-worker
Dinner - Up in the air

Plans - We have a big group going out to dinner at Ruths Chris. We have a private room to ourselves, should be a lot of fun!

Plans - We might get together with my sister and brother in law for lunch at a pizza place we all like, Sammy's and then a movie. Otherwise it will be running errands and I will make some kind of comfort food dish! 

For more meal plans and links to other meal plans and recipes, check out the orgjunkie


Cathy @ Chief Family Officer said...

LOVE the annual bowling day idea! (Although yes, teens = ugh! attitude ... actually it starts before they are teens!!!)

Wonder Woman I'm Not said...

How do you like Home Chef? We use Plated and absolutely love it. I've been thinking about trying Home Chef as well.