Monday, January 18, 2016

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 3 - 2016

Last week flew by, I do not even know where the week went!
We had a great weekend, kicked off with HH at our house, always fun. Saturday we went to a two year old birthday, the daughter of one of Scott's cousins. She is so adorable, so much spunk and sass, I just adore her! 

After the party we went to our neighbors Paul and Grace's for dinner. Grace is such a fantastic cook and made the best curry! Just loved it. They are such wonderful hosts, pulled out the BEST wines as well of course. It was a wonderful night. 
The high on Sunday hit about -6 without the windchill, so our plan was to not even leave the house. Which is exactly what I did! We started watching Homeland and really got into. I made a pot roast and some polenta, it was a great day to spend inside!

This week, we have some plans, but it is going to be a cold one, so we are also planning on laying low. 

Plans - Home - more Homeland I am thinking.
Breakfast - We bought Eggo waffles this past weekend, a big treat, cannot remember the last time I had those. Waffle, peanut butter, clementines. 
Lunch - Leftover curry. Have I mentioned how awesome Grace and Paul are? They sent us home with leftovers, SO GOOD!
Dinner - Home Chef meal - Blue Cheese and Green Onion Crusted Bone-In Pork Chop. We love these meals. Can't wait for this one. 

Plans - Heading to the movies tonight, now that the Oscar nominations have come out, there are a few that we need to cross off of our list. Tuesdays the nice movie theater by us with recliners has $5 movie night so its a bonus. Not sure what we will see yet, but Grace is leaving for Palm Springs Monday, so we will bring Paul with us. Not sure what we will do for dinner yet. 
Breakfast - Egg frittata with spinach, tomato and mushroom. 
Lunch - Leftover pot roast and polenta. 
Dinner - Most likely out. 

Plans - We talked about going to HH at a place we enjoy Primo. We will see though. 
Breakfast - Might be an oatmeal kind of a morning. 
Lunch - Most likely more leftovers.
Dinner - Thinking HH out, but we will see. 

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR. 
Breakfast - Fruit, cottage cheese. 
Lunch - Tomato soup and grilled cheese. 
Dinner - Home Chef meal - Sirloin Steak and Fondant Potatoes

Plans - No plans yet. Either we will stay in or go out! 
Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs
Lunch - Out with a friend
Dinner - Not sure yet.

Plans - We have a friend who is opening a restaurant and this weekend is the soft opening. So we are going with Paul sans Grace who will still be in Palm Springs and Christi and Paul. Cannot wait to check it out!
Meals - We will wing it until dinner. 

Plans - My niece and nephew G & G turn, OMG, FIFTEEN Friday. I cannot believe these two little cuties are 15 already! We started a tradition years ago where we spend the day bowling and eating pizza and wings to celebrate. Looking forward to it! Time goes by too fast!

For more meal plans and links to other recipes check out the orgjunkie.

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