Monday, February 01, 2016

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 5 - 2016

We had a great weekend, starting with a nice Friday night in, with a fire, dinner - salmon, rice and roasted broccoli. I also made a delicious vanilla bread pudding. It was nice to stay in Friday night knowing we had a big night out Saturday night. 
Saturday 14 of us got together for dinner at Ruths Chris and had a fabulous dinner and night out. After dinner we went to a private cigar club which was really interesting. Secret door and a really fun atmosphere. The guys had a great time smoking their cigars and sipping their scotch. 


Sunday was spent exactly how we wanted it to be spent. Relaxing and recovering from a very late night. I caught up on some RHOBH and Scott binge watched Bloodline and finished it. Such a good show. We had a really nice dinner, even though we ate later than we wanted to, but it was delicious. We had a standing rib roast we needed to cook, so we had that with some creamed spinach and a baked potato. SO good!
This week is a quiet week, hoping to go and see another movie Tuesday. Looks like it might be Room, still trying to get through the Oscar nominated films. We saw Joy last week. I just thought it was okay, I did not think Jennifer Lawrence was believable in that role. 

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR
Breakfast - Leftover bread pudding, have to do it, hate to throw it away.
Lunch - Crispy chicken salad
Dinner - Home Chef - Chicken Grand-Mere

Plans - Movie night, Room (love $5 movie night!)
Breakfast - Egg bake
Lunch - Leftover Haluski
Dinner - Out

Plans - 
Breakfast - Bacon and eggs
Lunch - Salmon and rice
Dinner - Home Chef - Juicy Lucy Stuffed Beef Burger

Plans -First Thursday Wine event with Grace and Paul
Breakfast - Egg bake
Lunch - Rib roast and leftover potato
Dinner - Out

Plans - Out downtown trying a new restaurant with Paul and Grace
Breakfast - Oatmeal
Lunch - Out with a friend
Dinner - Home Chef - Coffee Rubbed Flat Iron Steak

Plans - The Wayzata Chilly Open is taking place on the lake, I think we will go and check it out during the day. 

Plans -  Hopefully out with my sister and brother in law for lunch and a movie.
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