Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Deck Delights - House Update

I think the one thing that all Minnesotans have in common, as well as most people, is talking about the weather. We have just had a long stretch of extremely hot weather. Where if you walk out the door it feels like you are stepping into a sauna. But I can't really complain, we have had a really nice summer, and really have hardly even had to have the air on. Earlier this summer, right before our 4th of July BBQ, we decided to push up our sleeves and do a good deck cleaning and some updates. We love the way it turned out and have gotten a ton of use out of it this summer. Most nights I just love to read, relax and have dinner outside. It really has become a true extension of the house this year.
The arm chair is actually a Lay-z-boy recliner that my mom found for us, it is SO comfortable. 

We painted the table the same green as the umbrella and rugs and have been doing a lot of dining al fresco.

Lots of gatherings on the deck.

The two rugs, the pillows and the rugs were also additions this summer. 

We moved the herbs and tomato plants to the box garden down below, it gave us a lot more space to work with. 

Moving the grill to the far corner really made a difference as well and took away from it being a focal point. I love how the whole thing came together and I am hoping we get a couple more months of enjoyment out of it!


Deneene said...

I LOVE your deck! Everything looks so great a put together. We have a tiny deck that we want to expand but keep putting it off...maybe someday.

Jacky Hackett said...

Your deck looks so inviting, I would stay there all night. Hope to having a cocktail on it soon!

Unknown said...

I love your deck...what I really like is how you have little conversation areas set up here and there. I liked that at your place in S. Mpls. too - always very thoughtful - and ever so chic.

You're my inspiration...go ahead, cue the song. "You bring meaning to my life..."