Tuesday, April 19, 2011

House Update - Mud Room

So, not as much of a "room update" but an accomplishment is an accomplishment around these parts and this still carries the wow factor for me because it was so ugly dark and gross.

The boy spent a lot of time painting and updating this area. For such a small room it took a lot of work.

Here are the befores (yuck)

 I am hating the dark 70's wood, the dark brown door and the ugly white knobs. With no windows and not a lot of light, it needed to be brightened up a bit. 
 The rug is from Target, we replaced the vent grate on the floor.
 New knobs, and the paint on the wall is the same color from the Master Bath, Behr Basketweave. We bought a five gallon bucket of the white that we are using for the doors and trim throughout the house. I love the way that the paint on the trim and dark woodwork is really brightening things up and making this a little more modern.
 We put the chalkboard from my old place up. I love this chalkboard, real slate and it is a great place to keep track of our lists.
 This is a Wall Decal that I bought off of Etsy, and the hook is from Lowe's. Sometimes we even have coats on there. To the right is a pocket door and the laundry room, which is also almost ready for a reveal of its own.
 That is a pocket door that goes into the eat in kitchen area and media room. Behind the pantry door on the left is where my laundry chute comes out. Do you have a laundry chute? This is a first for me, but I LOVE it!
 This door goes to the garage, and eventually we will get a new doorknob when we replace the front door.
 Behind these doors,I would love to tell you that my pantry is all organized and beautiful and I have all of the canned good items cataloged so I can just look at the index and get great meal ideas. But realistically, we are doing our best, but we still have room for progress.
Overall I am very pleased with the updated mudroom. It is a much more pleasant experience walking in the door to the bright updated space. We also have a mud tray which we keep our shoes and boots in during the winter. At the moment I have flowers and herbs sitting in it waiting to be planted.

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