Wednesday, January 15, 2014

House Update - Master Bedroom

Wow, can't believe I am just getting around to posting some of these house updates. We "finished" the master bedroom at the end of March last year. Although the rug we found around Memorial Day and the ceiling fan didn't get in until June.
This project, while it really needed to get done, was spurred on by a new bed purchase. We have good friends who work for Select Comfort, so we got a Sleep Number bed at a discount. OH MY, best purchase EVER! A good nights sleep is so important, but this bed is just awesome. We upgraded from a Queen to a King, we went with their top of the line bed, and we got the adjustable frame. Now we can adjust to sitting, raising our legs and even a little massage. It has this anti gravity setting that is just heaven. Definitely a purchase that we have gotten our money out of already. At first we kind of felt like old fogeys with the craftmatic adjustable bed. But after one night of sleeping in it, another night of turning in early with a good book or movie and a lazy weekend morning in bed, all worries of that were out the window. 
This is another long picture heavy post, but I love looking back at the progress! And I am happy with the results!
First some Pinsperation. I started with a board on Pinterest of course. But these are some pictures that represent what we were trying to capture. We had swatches of blues on the walls forever, but as soon as I saw the white trim with the dark brown I was sold!
Here are the before pictures, ugh, hate roller shades. Ugly dark trim. French Vanilla walls. Blech, blech, blech. But, that was all going to change, finally!
The boys walk in closet, he has re-done it, so it works much better for him, 
When we first moved in, we picked out this set from Martha Stewart Macy's. It is a lot like the one in our guest room but a dusty blue and white. It served us well, but of course it was a queen. I saved it as a backup for the guest room. 
Here are those chairs from my office. . . and you can see the swatches of paint on the wall next to the window. Oh we had swatches up for what seemed like forever! Excuse the mess with the laundry basket. Real life going on here. 

I was home working on a Saturday morning a couple of winters back, and the boy called me from an estate sale and said he had found two bedside tables that he thought we would like for our bedroom. He text me a picture, loved them! So he picked them up. I really do like them, glad he has such good taste!

You can see here where the boy started priming the doors, already starting to make a difference. 

Of course Stella is always a ton of help, and is never far away. 

Here is where the real work begins! We had terrible lighting in the bedroom, the boy really did not have the best working conditions. 

No more nasty roller shades, the white trim around the window, already brightening things up. 

Ahhh, now we are getting somewhere!

Here is where the trim comes into play and we could really start to see the contrast. At the same time as we finished the master, the boy also replaced all of the hinges on all of the doors on the second level and the door knobs. Little updates pay off. 

With all of the natural light coming in, and the white furniture and trim, I was really excited to see how the dark brown was going to look. 

Here comes the chocolate brown, the actual color is 

I thought it was nice that Stella decided to supervise. Talk about micromanaging, she is really hovering. 

Talk about laying down on the job!

Our goal was to have the room completely done by the time our bed came in.

One wall left, but that one needed a patch behind the mirror, but now, it was time to go shopping. Lamps, a new comforter, sheets, a reading chair. . .Home Goods here we come! Excuse the laundry, again, real life still happening. 

First stop Pier 1, we thought maybe this book case might work, but so far, we are sticking with the one we have. We did take one book case out. I do love the legs on this one. 

I even thought about this little piece, but couldn't figure out where I would put it or how we would use it. 

This chair was a consideration, but I really wanted a comfy reading chair. Somewhere I could put my feet up with a book. 

We looked at a LOT of lamps, Home Goods is such a great place to shop for accessories. Make friends with a manager or someone who works there. We were able to find out when they got deliveries, and we also were able to let them know different items we were looking for. I really liked these lamps, but the boy vetoed them. 

A rug was also on our list, I really liked this one, but we were not 100%.

Great price especially for an 8 x 10 which was what we were looking for. 

We really liked this pair, but the problem was, they didn't throw the right light we needed in the room. 

I loved this one, but since our end tables are about the same color as the lamp base, we didn't think they would work. 

I really liked this comforter, and it had a nice dark brown pattern, but I really wanted a solid white. 

We also needed a ceiling fan for the room, but we were having such a hard time agreeing. This was literally the ONLY one I liked. Again, I really wanted a pretty light fixture instead of the practicality of a ceiling fan. 

We did find a mirror that I thought would work perfectly over the bed. But, it needed a touch up and it was already marked down, but they marked it down a little further for us, and then the boy fixed it right up. 

We picked out new switch plates, I liked the top, the boy liked the bottom. But, we ultimately went with the ones on the bottom for whole upstairs as well as the main level. You would never imagine just how expensive something so little is.

Curtains was another big debate. I love the boys idea of the room darkening drapery, and we found a pattern that we both really liked - at Lowe's no less!

We did plain white sheers behind them.

Then it was deciding on tie backs.

Stella approved of the new curtains. 

We did find a white comforter at Home Goods, I am VERY happy with it.

One last wall to do and patch job. Good thing the supervisor is back on duty.

Back to do some more lamp shopping. I LOVED this one, another veto however. Have I mentioned that compromise sucks sometimes. See the pink and green one, I was so tempted to get those for my office. But, seeing as I already have four lamps, my ceiling fan and my Lilly hanging lamp, so I am pretty set there. 

We finally agreed on this pair. 

And our bed finally arrives!

More rug shopping, but this was not a winner either.

We also started looking for some wall art. 

Stella helping to make the bed. 

Below is this great thing that my mom found for me to hang my necklaces on. I love it and it works out great. Keeps them organized and they don't tangle. 

We put new knobs on the dresser too, just to freshen it up. 

My mom and I found the right chair for kicking back with a blanket and a book. Guess who else likes it. 

 My mom added a little side table for my hot cocoa, water or wine. We also found an ottoman.

The problem is, we are currently using it in the sitting room as a coffee table. So, now we are again on the hunt for an ottoman for the bedroom, or something else to use as a coffee table. 

We did wind up finding a rug too, at Lowe's, it works for us. 

We had a picture from the lake made into canvases. We love this view at the lake, so we thought it would be perfect for the wall. 

 We also found a ceiling fan, this was another one of those compromises.

Some side by sides

Another room crossed off the list. We really do love the way 
this room has turned out and we enjoy spending time in here. Turning in early with a book is awesome! 

So there it is, where I spend the majority of my days and sometimes nights and weekends! I have a few more rooms that we have finished that I need to post as well and will get them up in the next few weeks. Here are some other rooms we have completed. Not bad for just over three years!

Still to come (these are the rooms that have been completed, I just need to get the pictures posted)
Master Bedroom
Upstairs Hallway
Dining Room
Sitting Room
Laundry Room

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