Monday, February 24, 2014

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 9

We had a low key, but productive weekend. Thursday we got a ton of snow, TONS, so Friday the boy stayed home and started working on the living room. I worked remote, but it was nice to be home and watch the progress. Since we were completely snowed in, the roads were awful, we had some of the neighbors over for a little happy hour which was a lot of fun. The boy has the house on lock down now though, he doesn't want anyone to see the living room until it is done. We have big plans though, I cannot wait!

Saturday we decided to head out to look at some more paint samples. The paint we had bought last weekend, we put some swatches on the wall and, while we both really liked it in the evening, we HATED it during the day. It looked more bluish lavender than gray. Grays are hard, but we bought five pints and put them all on the walls, narrowed it down to three, put some more samples on the wall and found the one. I was in dire need of a mani/pedi, I thoroughly enjoyed that. I am also taking classes for my Sommelier certification (a bucket list item) with another friend, I went to pick him up, but the major roads were SO awful, after a car spun out in front of me and headed into the ditch I turned around and headed home. I learned I was not the only one who had those issues, it was really cold out, and the major roads were just pure ice. The boy and I spent some time planning and looking at Pinterest for ideas for the living room. I think we have a really good plan. Then we headed over to the neighbors for an impromptu HH, it was really nice, we have such a good time with them. They even break out the fancy glasses for the boys beer.
Sunday the boy spent the day working on the living room, major accomplishments, which is good since I am hosting Bunco on March 11th, we really need to be done by then. 
The best part though was getting out for our first restaurant for Restaurant Week with sister J and her new boyfriend. One of my favorite restaurants too, Borogh.
Here is what we have planned for this week.

Plans - Home - more work on the living room - we may have to make a stop or two at one of those home stores.
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, yogurt and leftover sauce and turkey meatballs

Plans - Need to use a groupon for one of our favorite Irish Pubs - Keegans 
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, cottage cheese, leftover cuban pork
Dinner - Keegans

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR
Breakfast and Lunch - Fruit, yogurt, not sure about lunch yet

Plans - SO looking forward to Thursday. The boy took the day off, while I am going to work remote in the morning, and then we are headed to the home and garden show. Can't wait to get some good ideas!
Breakfast and Lunch - Yogurt, fruit
Dinner - Parka - a new restaurant to cross off our list

Plans - the boy is off for the day, more work on the living room
Breakfast and Lunch - Cottage cheese, fruit
Dinner - Restaurant Week - Ruths Chris

Saturday and Sunday
Plans - Favorite weekend of the year - The Food and Wine Show! Volunteering Saturday and attending the show Sunday! Really looking forward to it!

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the orgjunkie.

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Jean said...

Wow, that looks like a lot of snow! All our snow finally melted last week and I was so glad to see it go. Your menu sounds really good this week.