Tuesday, January 22, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 4

It was SO nice to have a long weekend with an extra day off! And I definitely used it to my advantage and got a ton of stuff crossed off of my Ta-Da List!

The boy and I got a ton of stuff done around the house. Adjusting to a new client and a new client schedule is not always easy, especially since I have had to be in the office every day and we have had plans almost every night, so my office looked like a bomb had gone off. Our bedroom needed cleaning and dusting, the bathrooms scrubbing. Oh I hear people talk about their cleaning help and think, that sounds like a wonderful idea! But then reality sets in and I know I can get it done. Plus, things like organizing and cleaning my office are things that I have to tackle. We did get out and run some errands Saturday, picking up some wine, our water heater and softener as well as hitting up Macy's for their sales. I picked up a new winter coat which I needed as well as some great work sweaters and tops. Great prices too! We wound up out at Bacio for some wine and a bite to eat, one of our favorite places and a great way to wrap up the night.

Sunday was more cleaning and organizing. But I knew I wanted to make Julia Child's recipe for Beef Bourguignon so we headed out for some gyros for lunch and to pick up the remaining items needed for the recipe.This has been something I have had on my list that I have wanted to make for a while. Seeing as it was not going to get above zero, it was the perfect thing to have cooking in the oven all day. It was SO delicious, the boy could not get enough and put it on his top three of his all time favorite meals I have made, I would definitely put it up there as well. We had it over mashed potatoes, good hearty winter meal.

Monday was my favorite day of the "weekend". Since it was MLK Day, I had it off, but the boy had to work. I am so used to working from home and having time to myself, after not having any time to myself in over two weeks, I needed it. Of course I had a huge list of things I wanted to get done, and I got about half of them done, but it still felt good! I also invited the neighbors over for dinner and made a huge pan of lasagna, and made a smaller to-go pan for them to take home. It turned out really good, and they brought a great salad to go with it. We do love our lasagna, and it was nice to have my sauce cooking all day on the stove.

Here is how the rest of this week is shaping up.

Plans - Home, clean, organize, make sauce for lasagna. Neighbors over for dinner.
Dinner - Salad, Lasagna, Garlic Knots (the boy loves these, I think we found a new favorite)

Plans - We might go and see a screening of Safe Haven, waiting on passes. I do have a lot I want and need to get done at home though too. Finishing up the Oscar Invites, laundry, working on my office and the guest room.
Dinner - Leftovers, unless we get passes and go out.

Plans - Emelie Sande concert with Rachel!
Dinner - Not sure if the boy is going to go with us or not, maybe out, depends on how the day goes.

Plans - Alison Scott at the Dakota. This is her last local show before maternity leave so we definitely need to catch this!
Dinner - The Dakota

Plans - We are going to the Opera, can't wait, we usually try to take in at least one a year, I can't even remember which one we are seeing we booked it so long ago!
Dinner - Out, not sure where yet though, I need to figure out which venue the Opera is at.

Plans - More of working on the house, I am hoping the boy will start painting the trim in either our master or the hallway, then we can get ready for the real painting to begin! Make appetizers for Wine Event! We have the fifth annual Winter White Event for the wine club at sister J's, should be a fun night!
Dinner - Appetizers and such at the Winter White event!

Plans - More work around the house and hopefully painting!
Dinner - Dinner at friends L & J, have not seen them forever, looking forward to seeing them!

Not much as far as cooking or recipes go, but we have some really good leftovers in the fridge which is great for a quick dinner and lunches, just need to make sure that we have stuff for next week too, so I may cook something up on Saturday or Sunday, just so we have it. I did buy a Boston Pork Roast, so maybe some pulled pork and then I will make the soup I like with the leftovers. . . .

For more meal planning and links to recipes and meal plans, check out the Orgjunkie and Stone Gable!

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Unknown said...

Sounds like a wonderful weekend and week in store for you.
Your menu plan looks delicious.
Have a wonderful week!