Monday, January 28, 2013

On the Menu Monday (MPM) - Week 5

So the weekend was met with mixed reviews. We had a wonderful dinner at one of our favorite steak houses, went to the opera, not so much. It wasn't as theatrical as we normally like, the singing was great, but they also only had a piano and a drummer, normally the operas we have been to, have a full orchestra. We decided to leave after the intermission and enjoy a nightcap before heading home. It was fun to run into Sister S and her husband who were enjoying dinner with friends in the dining room.

Saturday I spent the morning running errands, getting my nails done (SO glad this is part of my "me" routine again). I also picked up a new laptop, loaded with Windows 8. Ugh, big learning curve. My mom had wanted to get a new laptop in November, I had asked her to hold off until either myself or my sister could get our hands on the new operating system since I knew it was vastly different from previous versions. Boy am I glad I asked her to wait. I spent three hours on Saturday just getting used to the tiles, getting things organized and figuring things out. I like it, but it is going to take a while to get used to things. Saturday night was our 5th Annual Winter Whites event for the wine club. It was a blast, so many fun new people, great food, wine and the best part, just a great night seeing some wonderful friends!

Sunday was spent running more errands. I decided it was time to change up my skincare routine so we headed over to Sephora for some advice. I am going to try things out before I recommend anything, but so far so good and we received excellent service. It had started sleeted while we were on our way and by the time we came out (after a couple more stops at J.Crew and Banana Republic - awesome sales!) it was coming down HARD and the ice nuggets hurt as they hit! We made one last stop at the grocery store and then of course it REALLY started coming down. Plans for dinner got postponed and we got a red box movie, made a fire and settled in for the night.

We, luckily, don't have a ton of plans this week, but we have a ton of things to do at home.

Plans - Home, errands, laundry
Dinner - Beef and vegetable fajitas, white rice and cuban beans

Plans - Dinner with L & J
Dinner - she is such an awesome cook

Plans - Home, sister J coming over to work on a project for a friend
Dinner - either chicken stir fry or salmon

Plans - Maybe a movie and dinner out
Dinner - Possibly out

Plans - Home, looking forward to a night in, maybe HH with the neighbors
Dinner - Salmon

Plans - Birthday party for our friend M, and, he just got engaged while on vacation!
Dinner - WA Frost

Plans - Celebrating G & G's birthdays! Going bowling and out for pizza!
Dinner - Super Bowl, honestly, not sure if we will even watch it. . .

We have three movies left to see that have been nominated for best picture in preparation of our Oscar party, Amour, Les Miserables and Life of Pi. We watched Beasts of the Southern Wild on Sunday. Ugh, I wanted to like it, but we could not even get through it. The little girl who has been nominated for Best Actress was wonderful, I can totally understand that!

For more meal plans and links to recipes, check out the Orgjunkie or the Stone Gable.

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