Tuesday, August 28, 2012

On the Table Monday (MPM) - Week 35

The weekend had ups and downs. Last week was a long and stressful week, but when Friday came around I was really looking forward to seeing good friends, having dinner and going to the Vikings pre-season game.

Sister J was in town (yahoo) and I was really looking forward to seeing her and catching up. We went to Capitol Grill and had an amazing dinner but I just felt exhausted after. We went to sister J's after dinner to park since she lives so close to the dome, but I just could not rally to go to the game, so I relaxed on the couch while the boy went with the girls. There was a reason I couldn't rally as I woke up Saturday morning and could hardly even swallow. I wound up spending the entire day sleeping off and on, mainly on. The bummer part was that we were supposed to go on a Historical Walking Food Tour of NE Mpls. I am so bummed that we missed it. Everyone had a really good time and loved the tour.

Sunday the boy and I spent the day doing house stuff and running errands and then the boys cousin and his wife came over for dinner. They are vegetarians, so I had planned the menu out pretty carefully.

Ali had emailed me a couple of weeks earlier and said that while she had been vegan, she recently was not a strict vegan and more vegetarian. So knowing Ali, I was thinking that cheese would be an option.

So we started with five different nice cheeses (my grocery store sells smaller pieces for around $1.00), some cracker bread, olives and nuts. The nuts that we put out were cashews, rosemary marcona almonds and Trader Joe's had something new, mesquite smoked almonds which were wonderful.

Our salad was from my Pinterest Salad Board, I chose the Red, White and Blue Sweet Summer Salad. I had the feta on the side just in case and instead of poppy seed dressing I did a pomegranate dressing which was delicious.

For our main course I looked at all of the recipes that I had pinned, and I just wasn't super excited about any of them, plus I had a ton of tomatoes that I wanted to use as well as some zucchini and yellow squash. I took this recipe for pasta primavera and changed it up a little bit. Instead of an onion I used a scallion, three actually. I used penne instead of farfalle and I had roasted some tomatoes earlier in the day so I used those as well as cherry tomatoes and just added zucchini and yellow squash. It turned out really well and it is a dish I would definitely make again. To go with the pasta dish I made Gorganzola Garlic Bread which I also had pinned. It was delicious! I am actually still craving it today. This is so good, seriously make it. I made up some extra gorganzola garlic butter to use again! We also had some Baklava for dessert from Gardens of Salonica which our friend J had brought to us to use for last night, perfect end to a really nice dinner.

This week is a nice mixture. Some plans, some low key days and evenings. I am excited to be home and to be cooking some of my Pinterest recipes!

Plans - I went and had lunch with sister J before she left again to take care of her mom. Hopefully she will be back again soon and not in another month! Home tonight.
Dinner - Another Pinterest recipe, this one for Sesame Ginger Salmon with lemon shallot orzo (this is so good, make it, now!) and green beans.

Plans - I have been craving ribs and with the summer days dwindling away, I think I need to squeeze a deck dinner in with our neighbors. I am also invited to a Pampered Chef party which I will probably drop by.
Dinner - North Carolina House Ribs, Corn on the Cob, Baby Red Potatoes

Plans - Hosting a couple of the neighborhood girls for a night of 500. Should be fun.
Dinner - We will definitely be putting in a pizza for the boy and I and then for the girls I am going to make White Pizza Dip as well as jalapeno popper bites.

Plans - Heading over to a HH at the History House and then the Cat Film Festival at the Walker with friends J & T. Looking forward to it!
Dinner - We have appetizers and a concession stand to choose from although we may wind up at Lurcat, it is supposed to be a gorgeous night and we have not been out on the patio there in quite some time.

Plans - Home, catching up on some projects
Dinner - Burgers on the grill

Plans - Fair day! Ali is playing at 5:00 so we are planning on heading down and meeting up with her later.
Dinner - Fair food of course!

Plans - Really looking forward to a long weekend and being able to work on some projects at home!
Dinner - we may have some friends over for a small last minute BBQ. Plans still coming together.

For more menus and recipes, check out Stone Gable and Orgjunkie!

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