Friday, August 24, 2012

Animal Week

Finally back home after almost two weeks away. Pretty exhausted from all of the work and traveling and of course we have a full weekend of social fun.

The past couple of weeks have given me the opportunity to see a wide variety of animal life. Some of the pictures I wasn't able to capture of animals were the deer and the big gigantic turtle that was crossing the road on my way back home yesterday.

Here are few that I was able to capture!

Little Miss Stella was dearly missed while I was gone and has not let me out of her sight for a second since I have been home. But she certainly was a little stinker before I left.
We passed these cattle on our way into town from the lake and I had to take a picture for a co-worker.

Kimchi joined us up at the lake, such a cute little dog!

Can't forget the fish!

After a rainy night, we had to watch where we sat to make sure we didn't sit on any of these guys!

This is Larry. Larry is a mix breed dog that my cousin thinks is Basset Hound, Wiry Short Hair and Lab. He loves "unique" dogs. Larry was so friendly and happy and is now best friends with Banjo the Australian Shepard. 

I stopped by the farm while up in TRF for work and checked out what was in my cousins chicken coop. He has turkey's, chickens and geese. He also has two hens that are each sitting on about 15 eggs, so we may be seeing some new chicks soon!

The donkey. The donkey doesn't have a name, just donkey. 

Taz. There are five horses at the farm, this one is a little feisty and they are still working on breaking him, but he loves to nuzzle, especially if you have sugar cubes. 

Cruze. Cruze is a trail horse and helps mow the grass.

My little cousin Kitty riding donkey. 

It is always so much fun to go out to the farm and check things out. My mom grew up here and was actually born on the farm. One of the last babies born at home. Love this barn. My grandfather built it in 1952. My cousin wanted to tear it down, but my aunt had a new roof put on it instead. It does have a lot of character, but I can see where a new barn is probably needed.
No matter what, I am always happy to come home to this little muffin. 

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