Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Real Chicks Getting Fit Challenge - Week 6

Last week was a complete bust for me. I was sick in bed from Sunday afternoon basically until we left for Foodie Fest on Saturday, and I am still not feeling great but went into the office for a half day today. While I was under my calorie count every day, I did not get any exercise and I really missed it, but I just haven't had the energy. The crud that I had just really knocked me down for the count.

I am down 1 lb. . . not a huge deal but at least I didn't gain. 

So let's check in on my goals. . .

1. NSV (Non Scale Victory) - I am not expecting to see too much change here, at least not until the end, at least for me.

  • Fit into jeans that will fit into my boots
  • Fit into my Lilly capris that I love to wear in the spring and summer
  • Learn to adjust to a new schedule that includes regular exercise and eating times

2. Nutrition Parameters and track using a tool (Spark People, My Fitness Pal, WW). I am on My Fitness Pal, username jillyinmn. I am also going to start using a Fitbit - I have worn my Fitbit every day and logged every morsel into My Fitness Pal, so I am doing pretty good there. I have also been trying to keep it to 1200 calories and have not gone over too often. Water, not a problem there. Eating out, in the past week, that has not been a problem either since I haven't left the house :). I have also been trying to keep the snacks to fruits for the most part as well.
  • 1200 Calories Daily
  • 4 Full Tervis Tumblers of water daily
  • What will I limit - eating out? Or at least making healthy choices when we eat out. Realistically we eat out probably three to four times per week whether it is lunch or dinner, usually on the weekends more than anything else. 
  • Keep healthy snacks at work. Cheez-its are my go to, so find something that is salty and good for me. Nuts perhaps?
3. Exercise Parameters - I know that this is sometimes hard to squeeze into my days, and I am sure I will need to get off to a slower start, but if I can commit to 3 times a week to start and work my way up to 5, I think that is realistic for myself.  - This did not happen last week. Hoping to get some energy up this week to get a couple of workouts in.
  • Wii (Fit, Dance, Yoga)
  • Walk
  • Yoga
4. Commit to Blogging at least twice a week, once to check in with a complete update on my progress, the other to include insights, results of weekly challenges or just check in and let others know how I am doing.  - Ugh, well, I have been blogging at least once and commenting on other blogs. . .does that count?

5. Commit to support, both giving and receiving, commenting as much as I can.  - I have been commenting!

I think that these are all very achievable and realistic goals. I just need to make sure that I am making this a priority. Seems like there are some great people that are a part of this challenge, I think that will be the best part!

 I am going to be keeping my goals the same for the next 7 weeks. I think this is realistic and achievable for me.

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Tempest in a Pink Teacup said...

I can almost guarantee you that if you don't eat out very often you WILL lose weight. That change alone can make quite a difference.