Monday, February 13, 2012

Meal Plan Monday - Week 7

We had an okay weekend. I am still fighting the crud and haven't been able to smell or taste anything. We had the Foodie Fest on Saturday and we went, but I probably shouldn't have. Yesterday was spent in bed sleeping and trying to recover. We probably should have just gone for a little bit, but of course once we got there we stayed.

I am still home today, but hoping to feel better later and just duck out for a movie and come home.

Plans - After being home all last week, and missing this movie not once, but twice, we are finally going to see a screening of This Means War. . . I REALLY want to see this!
Dinner - Out

Plans - Valentines' Day - We don't have plans yet, we do have movie passes for a screening of Salmon Fishing in the Yemen, we missed this a couple of weeks ago and I would really like to see it.
Dinner - Up in the air

Plans - Movie Screening Act of Valor
Dinner - Flame - salad bar

Plans - JLM Neighborhood meeting - our house
Dinner - People are bringing appetizers, drinks and dessert

Plans - Winos & Foodies Event - Wine & Chocolate - our house
Dinner - Lots of good stuff, I am making the cocoa rubbed tenderloin and a savory chocolate fondue.

Plans - Woo Hoo! 5th Annual Mink Night, cannot wait, limo, girls, furs, food and fun!
Dinner - Meritage

Plans - laying low, Mink Night is always a big night out
Dinner - take out I am sure

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