Monday, November 07, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 45

Another busy week, and another week on the road which is not all that much fun, but it looks like I will have another one next week. The boy and Miss Stella are not liking this all that much, but hopefully it will be slowing down soon.

We had a good weekend, busy, but good. Friday we went out and grabbed a bite and then were home catching up on DVR and relaxing. We knew we would need a good night of rest before Summit's Amazing Case. This was our third year volunteering for this event, and it is always a blast. This year they had live karaoke with a band, we didn't work this venue, but I did pop over as a guest judge, really good time!
The themed costumes are always a ton of fun!

There were shots and trickery being sent from bar to bar via the volunteer judges. This one was a purple grape of some sort, tasted like grape soda and I am sure was dangerous!
Overall it was a fantastic day and we had a really good time!

Sunday we slept in, BIG TIME! Then headed out for lunch at Cheesecake Factory and some errands. One of which was to Lowe's which is always fun. We got my book case into my office last night and now this week will be spent getting it organized. I can't wait!

Plans - dinner out with the boy at a contemporary Asian place that I have heard good things about and wanting to try. Gas up the car for the trip this week. Throw in some laundry, continue to work on organizing my office and closets (this has turned into a big project). Office.
Dinner - Rice Paper in Edina

Plans - Movie screening of J. Edgar. We cannot wait to see this one! Home Office.
Dinner - Angel Chicken in the slow cooker (before the movie and so the boy has leftovers and I can take some with me)

Plans - On the road for work. TRF
Dinner - at my Aunt's, not sure what

Plans - On the road for work. TRF.
Dinner - out with co-workers

Plans - On the road back home, Wine Tasting for JLM. TRF.
Dinner - out with sister J after the wine event

Plans - Wine event that evening, French themed should be fun
Dinner - everyone is bringing something

Plans - Laundry, catch up, stuff done around the house
Dinner - we are having a big brunch at one of our favorite places, so dinner may be light.

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Martha said...

Okay, first off? Your schedule never fails to make my hyperventilate. My palms get sweaty and I get stressed out! How do you do it?

Second? Your blog is lookin' good, sister :)