Monday, October 31, 2011

Meal Plan Monday! Week 44

We had a good weekend, busy, but good. Friday, we carpooled to work and went to dinner after work and ran some errands. Saturday was a busy day for me. I started the day with a work conference. I was only able to attend the first session, but it was REALLY good and I wish I could have attended more. From there I went to a JLM shift that was a ton of fun. Sister J and I basically hung out at a fantastic jewelry and accessory store with wonderful appetizers. We were there to kick off our annual Shop, Save and Share card. It was a ton of fun, and we both bought some fabulous pieces that I cannot wait to wear.

Later that evening, sister J had a wonderful girls dinner party. The menu was wonderful, she made wild boar chops with a wonderful sauce, mashed potatoes and acorn squash with a delicious birthday cake for T. It was a lot of fun, and I get to spend part of the night holding little 6 week old CJ, he was SO incredibly cute and sweet.

Yesterday was spent running errands and then we went to my sisters to celebrate my oldest nephews birthday. He turns 13 on Friday, man that seems like such a tough age. He really has such an attitude.

Then it was on to the boys parents for dinner and some Amazing Race. My team keeps coming in first, I just love it!

This is going to be a hectic week and a week on the road for me unfortunately. The new job does have me traveling more than I have been, and it is driving, still trying to get used to that.

Plans - Pass out Trick or Treat candy with sister J
Dinner  - Pizza

Plans - on the road
Dinner - out with co-workers maybe

Plans - on the road
Dinner - out with co-workers

Plans - on the road
Dinner - something on the run

Plans - HOME!
Dinner - Out I am sure since I won't feel like cooking anything :)

Plans - The Amazing Case volunteer shift (we always have a blast!)
Dinner - Downtown somewhere due to the fact that we will already be there :)

Plans - Work on the house (can't wait), buy a fridge for the basement maybe?
Dinner - I am thinking I better make a couple of meals after not cooking for a week :) Black Bean Soup is definitely on the agenda along with a chicken dish.

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