Friday, October 28, 2011

Upcoming Ta-Da List!

We have a LOT going on over the next few weeks, better if I just put it out here and hold myself accountable!

1. I have to travel November 1 - 3 (maybe 4th but I am holding out hope for the 3rd)
2. Order holiday party invites, party is planned for December 3rd. Need to get the invites out by at the latest November 5th. Guest list finalized. Prepare labels for envelopes.
3. We are hosting Thanksgiving, figure out who is coming, plan menu and timeline.
4. Budget for Christmas gifts.
 My parents
The boys parents
The boys sister and nieces and nephew
My sister and her family
Sister J
5. Get lights up before it snows on outside of house.
6. Decorate for holidays.This needs to be done by November 27th due to the holiday party so early this year.
7. Finish basement (HUGE wish, but I hope we can get it done before the holiday party, it would be even better if we could get it done by Thanksgiving!).
8. Plan out house projects for the winter.
9. Restaurant list for the winter.
10. Top 10 recipes for the winter including dinner party guest list.

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