Monday, June 13, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 24

Wow, so I have missed two weeks of meal planning. Time just got away from me, we have been so busy trying to get the yard cleaned up and looking better and work has also picked up again. So I did get a bit of a reprieve but now, it is long days and weekends again. I am trying to not work weekends, but so far I am failing. I am also still in the process of going through closets and turning over to summer. Not a huge deal since we have not really had a lot of nice weather. Last week we had two days one where we hit 96 and one where we hit 103, but then the next day it was 53, crazy right? This weekend was actually very nice and we got a lot accomplished.

Friday we were invited over to our neighbors for cocktails. They have a beautiful view, they are across the street and right on the water. It had started to rain right after we got there, and we were able to watch the wild life having fun. It was really fun getting to know them and fun to check out all of the updates and changes they have made over the years.

Saturday my parents came over with some family friends. The girls went shopping and to lunch while my dad helped Scott with some house projects. One of the house projects was putting a light and ceiling fan up in my office. After the heat last week, we were quickly reminded that even with the air on, our second floor does not get a lot of air circulating. We have one last thing to do in my office, and then I will be posting pictures.

Saturday evening, the boy and I decided to check out a movie. We have seen a few in the past couple of weeks (thank goodness we are finally getting back to some movies). Saturday night we saw Hangover 2, the first one was MUCH better. I posted last week about the screening for Friends with Benefits that we saw, and I loved that. We also have seen Bridesmaids, loved it, and Something Borrowed which was also very good. So nice to be getting back to the movies.

Sunday we got some stuff done around the house (after sleeping in) and then our friends L & J came over with their adorable dog Koda for a little impromptu bbq. We grilled up these pork chops and they were delicious. I think I will use the same rub on pork tenderloin.  We omitted the BBQ sauce, they really did not need it. We had some butternut squash with some cinnamon butter which I normally would associate with a fall meal, but I love butternut squash with pork!

This week we have some fun stuff planned and I am hoping for some nice weather.

Plans - home, laundry, planting a couple of things
Dinner - Kielbasa on the grill, grilled peppers and onions, salad

Plans - Neighborhood Bunco (I can't wait, I was just invited to join and I think it is going to be a blast!)
Dinner - the ladies bring appetizers and such to share (as well as wine of course) but I will be making some tacos to have with the boy before, this is the appetizer I am making Hot Sweet Onion Dip

Plans - Twins Game (cannot wait, first game we are going to this year!)
Dinner - Probably something at the game

Plans - Orin Swift Wine Tasting
Dinner - Something tasty at Pairings, can't wait, my favorite wines at one of my favorite places!

Plans - nothing yet, but I may throw something on the grill and invite the neighbors over if it works out
Dinner - Grilled Beef Teriyaki Chuck Roast

Plans - BYOB and Kitchen Gadget swap wine event at our friend M's. Can't wait!
Dinner - appetizers, I think I am going to make this Bloomin Onion Bread

Plans - Father's Day, not sure yet what we are going to do though. . . .
Dinner - up in the air due to Father's Day plans

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