Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Foodie Fest Winter 2011

Before we left for our trip out East, we took part in Foodie Fest Winter 2011. A good friend of ours "M" came up with an idea to have a bunch of people over, and everyone would cook something that they had never made before that they always wanted to try and share with others. We had some seriously good food and a TON of fun and good wine. It was an all day affair, we got there about 2 as the first dish was about to be served and stayed until about 10 when the clean up was just about done. It was a wonderful group of people and we had an absolute blast, I can't wait for the next get together!

The first dish was homemade gnocchi with a mushroom ragout that was SO good!

The cookbooks the recipes were from (and chef)
Noodle scallion pancakes with a really good spicy pork sauce (and chef)
Finished dish *YUM*
Getting ready to roll out the pasta for the butternut squash ravioli and fettuccine for the lamb ragu, both delicious dishes. It was a ton of fun to watch the pasta being made as well. 
As the bison chops bake (these were so good, I think my favorite!)
Lamb ragu, NUM!
Butternut squash ravioli with brown butter sage cream sauce, NUM!
We had a ton of fun, and even watched basketball and Julie and Julia! We also had, but did not get pictured, venison in a crock-pot, this was the boys favorite, creme brulee, flourless chocolate cake, Lamb curry (I loved this dish as well), the boy made mini sliders which were a cross between a cheese burger and a sloppy joe and tater tots, pizza and birthday cake as well as a ton of wine. It was such a fun day, I am looking forward to the next one, I am secretly hoping for a grill fest when the weather gets nicer!

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Jacky Hackett said...

Um, I wish MY oven was that clean. Looks like a great meal. Love the new Spring look on the blog.