Monday, February 28, 2011

Meal Plan Monday - Week 9

Back to meal planning. And I am finally feeling like myself again, so looking forward to cooking and getting back to normal again. Not a ton of recipes at the moment, the roast in the crock-pot I will post later this week. I also made a pulled pork that I will post later this week as well. For more meal plans, and links to great recipes, check out the Orgjunkie.

Plans - home, need to plan our Mystery Dinner party for April 2nd and get invitations completed, sister J came over.
Dinner - Ham and Black bean soup (this is one of my favorites)

Plans - Movie Screening - The Adjustment Bureau
Dinner - Chipotle (wound up going to Kozy's)

Plans - Home, catch up on DVR, Worked
Dinner - Pot roast in the crock pot (this was terrible, need a better recipe next time)

Plans - Dinner out for restaurant week with the girls not happening, have to work
Dinner - Scusi for restaurant week not happening, making this instead

Plans - Home Menards and Lowe's to pick out rug samples, get paint for the guest bathroom and crown molding for my office
Dinner - Panko - Onion Bit crusted chicken Red Robin, they have my favorite burger for a limited time. . .

Plans - Food and Wine Show
Dinner - Food and Wine Show

Plans - Volunteer at the Food and Wine Show
Dinner - Food and Wine Show

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