Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Restaurant Review

Last Friday night Sister J invited the boy and I to join her and our friend JS, who was up visiting from Chicago at the Twins game. She and sister S have awesome season tickets so this was a real treat, 6th row straight out from 2nd base where you can see all of the action!

We started with a wine tasting and sampling at the wine store on the ground floor of her building. Sampled some fabulous wine and then headed across the street to Sanctuary for dinner. Last week was restaurant week in the Twin Cities so were fortunate enough to take advantage of the $30/three course/prixe fix menu.
JS and the boy chose to order off of the regular menu and JS started with this beautiful beet salad, aren't those colors gorgeous!
This is the crayfish cake, I am allergic, so they substituted for me, but this sure looks good.
The lamb shank was fabulous and was the perfect thing on a cold wet rainy night! I wish I could cook like this?
This was the dessert that JS ordered and it looked SO good. I love bananas, but the boy hates them pretty much.
Anything with Baily's is okay in my book! But this was wonderful! The cookies were light and wonderful as well!
Here was our view at the game, and it was a great game and a ton of fun!

I am SO glad that sister J is back for a while at least. She has been spending a lot of time working on a project in Sioux Falls and I have really missed her!
That is the boys hand behind my head, what a pain!

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Beth Dunn said...

Sounds like a lot of fun and yummy too!!! xoxo