Monday, October 12, 2009

Meal Plan Monday!

I was trying to be so good about posting everyday, but wouldn't you know, last week completely got away from me.

Here is the meal plan for this week, which has even changed since I wrote it down yesterday, due to the fact that we have gotten a snow storm which has decided to join us as well as the fact that I came down with a bug of some sort last night.

Monday - Beef Stew, this recipe looks fabulous so I thought I would give it a try. It says to serve it over mashed potatoes, but I am going with egg noodles. Should be a good thing to have on a cold snowy day with a fire. The boy is off today, so he is home with me as well.
Tuesday - JLM Neighborhood Meeting, my house. Snacks and such.
Wednesday - Most likely Godfather's Pizza, we are seeing the sneak preview of "Law Abiding Citizen". I love Gerard Butler and I am looking forward to seeing this.
Thursday - Cassoulet.
Friday - No plans as of yet, but I think we will probably go out with friends for dinner.
Saturday - In the afternoon we are heading out with sister J to test drive Range Rovers and take part in a lunch they are putting on. We are both interested in new vehicles and that is both of our first choices so the timing could not be better.
Sunday - Heading out to see my Aunt and some cousins for a surprise retirement party, should be fun! I am thinking I will be putting something in the crock-pot.

For more meal planning, menus and great recipe ideas, check out the org junkie!

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Preppy in Pink said...

Be sure to tell us everything about the Range Rover try out..I want one too. I like the HSE Sport but I haven't test driven them so the suspension might be rough..let us know!