Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Pierre's Wine Dinner Review

Last night the boy and I ventured out to Pierre's Bistro for his monthly wine dinner. I have to warn you in advance, you may drool. Pierre, in my opinion is much more that a chef, I consider him to be an artist. Last evenings dinner did not disappoint. Disclaimer, not the best pictures, I really have not taken the time to learn how to use my new camera (not even new anymore), no excuse really, but the pictures are not the best.

Here is the menu of what was to come. . .
My dining partner
When we got there we started with some sparkling wine, pate on a crostini and cheese macaroons. SO good.
Our first wine was a Pinot Noir, Carpe Diem, a very nice very smooth red.
Paired with the delectable and delicate Duck Confit in spring roll wrappers with a mushroom butter sauce. The flavors in this were unimaginable!
The next course was paired with Calina Chardonnay. It was a nice light and not too oaky chardonnay.
The Salmon Coulibiac I had never had anything quite like this. I am NOT a fan of hard boiled eggs at all, but this was SO good that I even did not mind the hard boiled eggs! Chive butter sauce. Enough said!
Our third course was paired with two wines, one was a bonus Bordeaux from the wine reps private cellar and a true treat
as well as Hess Collection "Black 19" Cuvee which was the boys favorite of the night.
This brought us to our third and final course, which was paired perfectly with both wines. The Beef Tenderloin with Pommes Daphine. NUM! The sauce, perfection.
Last but not least, we ended the night with a tawny Port. I am not a huge fan of Port, but the stories that the wine rep had regarding Port were wonderful.
Dessert was simple and special.
All in all a wonderful evening, as you can see by the look of joy on the boys face!

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