Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A Hunting We Will Go!

So this past weekend, the boy and I joined my sister at 6:30 am for what has become an annual outing. It was the annual sale for the Children's Cancer Research Fund. I can usually find one or two treasures along with some good books, but I hit the jackpot this year. Look what I found,
along with this, which reverses to pink
and this, which reverses to green.

I was so excited, $10 for the bag and extra covers. And the bonus part, I have three covers at home that I had bought at Marshall Fields when they were going out of business and turning over to Macy's. I bought them thinking that the wooden frame would not be that hard to find. I have had a watch on eBay on them for over two years, but they usually go pretty high at around $45 and I just could not bring myself to pay that for a cloth pocketbook.

This was my book haul. Looks like I got some pretty good titles of things I have been wanting to read and for $1 each! But we won't discuss how little reading I have been doing lately. Or how I did on my summer reading list. I guess I shouldn't even post a fall list. I want to, but I just know that right now it is not realistic. I will make more time though, the boy and I have discussed it.
After we left the sale, we decided to hit up an estate sale. I just love these adorable bags, and $12 each? I could not go wrong.
The detail of the needlework on this I just love.
I have cute little strappy silver heels that go perfectly with this one, can't you just see it with a LBD?
Later on in the day, while the boy was mowing his lawn, I decided to check into a consignment shop in his neighborhood. Occasionally people will bring in some interesting stuff, so sometimes I stop in to see what they have.

I was so excited to see these, like new, still in the box! I had all three of these when I was a kid and played with them like crazy. I would always take them with me to my paternal grandmothers house because she would always play with them with me. The stands and all of the clothes are all there and they are all in perfect condition. I am hoping my niece will play with them while she is at my house like I did. What a find.
I just love a successful day of hunting! Such a sense of satisfaction.

Friends T & G for dinner tonight. I am making the chicken enchiladas from the JLM cookbook "Always Superb" I will post the recipe and let you know how they turn out.


Anonymous said...

What treasures you found.

Preppy in Pink said...

OMG! I bow to the bargin hunting queen.