Thursday, September 24, 2009

Entertaining and a Tablescape Change!

Last night we had a friends and fellow JLM committee pal T & her fiance G for dinner. They are getting married in about 2 1/2 weeks, she has been pretty stressed with the wedding, the JLM year kicking into high gear and on top of all of that, she and her husband both work in the school system, she is an art specialist at an elementary school, so they went from having a nice relaxing summer, traveling, playing, just hanging out to BAM! everything at once. So I wanted her to come over, put her feet up and just relax for the night. I also wanted to get them a wedding gift and thought it would be a good time to give it to them since they are having a smaller wedding.

We started with cocktails and chips and salsa, nothing fancy and I was going to make cactus pear margaritas, but everyone opted for wine and beer.

I also made a pan of green sauce chicken enchiladas and a pan of red sauce chicken enchiladas along with black beans and rice as a side. The green sauce was clearly the hands down winner from everyone. I did something very simple for dessert. Since I am not much of a baker I usually buy something, but last night I wanted to stick with the Mexican kind of theme and I bought cinnamon and sugar tortilla chips put those on the bottom of the dish, topped with warmed apple pie filling, a small scoop of vanilla ice cream and a dash of cinnamon. Big hit and very easy, pretty and delicious.

Here is the table prior to dinner and guests arriving,
and the floral centerpiece that I put together. I am pretty pleased with how it turned out and I had never seen a hydrangea died that color, but I really liked it! Normally I buy my flowers from the Farmers Market, and if not there then Trader Joe's or Costco, but these are actually from Super Target and even the person checking me out was pleased with them!
Tonight, I am off to another JLM volunteer shift. This one is Kids in the Kitchen and it should be fun. I have been clocking a lot of hours the past couple of weeks, I am looking forward to catching up on the new fall shows at some point this weekend and catching up on some sleep! My Ta-Da list at the moment is a MILE long and there are some must ta-da things on the list. I still have not turned my every day pocket book over for Fall, and my office really needs some organizing. I have also started to turn over my closet for Fall\Winter. Typically this is a three day process, I am hoping to some how make the transition a little smoother this go round. Wish me luck. . .

I also would really like to get my house decorated for Fall and Halloween. I am hosting the JLM neighborhood meeting on October 13th and I want to have it 100% ready before then. Right now we are planning on going up to the lake next weekend, so it really means I need to get busy on this chore! I have some ideas, and I have picked a few things up here and there, but I need to find a cute fall runner. Maybe I will stop on my way tonight at Home Goods and see what I can find!

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