Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Real Housewives

Okay, I have to admit, I did not watch the OC series, but I loved the New York version, when the Atlanta season came on, I watched that too. Season 2 of NYC has NOT disappointed although the episode between Kelly and Bethenny last week was AWFUL, I am SO NOT a fan of Kelly's, definitely on Team Bethenny. Kelly reminds me of some former friends, so self-centered and just full of themselves and then this week showing up at the fund raising committee meeting pulling all of these prizes out like that, pure guilt is all I have to say.

The tennis match was pretty funny. Playing for the number of years that I have, I understand competitive players. While I don't see myself as being that competitive, I have played with a number of people like that and truth be told, I hate it. I love love love to play, but I ENJOY it. It is supposed to be fun, at least that is how I feel. I have played with peolpe like Simon though, and it does get kinda boring, so I can understand how Ramona lost interest.

I think the Countess is a fraud who married into a title and now feels as though she is an expert on manners, I think that is a joke. I think that manners are something you learn from a very young age and are instilled in you and that you are a product of your surroundings. Turns out the Count dumped her via email, I don't think that would have made it into her etiquette book, do you? Now, not for not, but there is always time to let down your guard and have fun too, people that are always prim and proper can be boring, but there is a time and place for everything!

But, did you see the sneak preview of The Real Housewives of NJ?
OH MY! I was beside myself in tears and laughter fits. Having lived out East in NYC and CT for 18 years, we did constantly make fun of Jersey girls and anytime we would cross the border to Jersey we would make comments, I know that it was just a stereo type and I do have several friends from Jersey, but there is that typical stereo type. The new season looks SO good. Here are some of my favorite quotes from just the season premier. . . .

Before I like you I don't like you.
We are an old school Italian family
Blood is thicker than water
You're a douche
Street smart will get you further than book smart
Now, I am fortunate enough, to enjoy the fruits of his labors
I "used to" have the big hair and fake nails in high school
"You don't play tennis???"
I don't think I am the hottest woman in the world I just think I am very confident in the way I look
You either are going to love me or hate me, there is no in-between
I was engaged 19 times prior to getting married
I actually got mine (AmEx Black card) before Madonna did
Hurry my hair is going to frizz
Happy life, happy wife, mwah!
Mommy doesn't run, boobs are too big
I just think my boobs are too big for tennis
You're coming into my life, I want to have you investigated

Now to me, the first Real Housewives of New Jersey has already been on, wasn't that The Sopranos? I am totally kidding, but it seriously looks SO good I cannot wait.

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Jacky Hackett said...

Hey, I am a JERSEY girl! OK, couldn;t read this for a bit becuase I had to catch up on my DVR. Love RHONYC, same boat as you, I did not watch the OC and got a few of the Atl season. Tuned in to NYC really just to see inside thier apts. Did not let me down.

Anyway, good stuff. Was not even aware they were doing NJ. All I can say is money does NOT buy you class.

I am not really hip on wishing bad on othres, but, the Countess, I hope she loses here title in the divorce. I pity her for letting the title define her.