Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Mink Night Part Deux

We headed out for our second annual Mink Night this past Saturday. SO much fun, even more fun this year!
There were 16 of us girls this year, opposed to the 10 from last year. Of course we have all heard from more girls who would like to join the fun for next year. It just keeps growing.
We grab our furs or wraps from our Grandmother's, mothers or closets to wear one last time before putting into storage. Not all of the girls have or wear furs, some girls get dressed up, some wear furs, but we all have a good time.
We started with snacks and drinks at sister S's. She is pregnant again this year, next year she said she promises not to be pregnant. Even though (for the most part) we are pretty well behaved, I would imagine that being the only sober one along on the ride is not as much fun.
We hopped on our limo bus and headed out about town. The weather of course had to be unseasonable and even started snowing by the end of the night, but we still did not let that deter us. The champagne was flowing.
A friend of mine from high school that I have recently reconnected with joined us, and I am so glad she did we had so much fun!
Of course I went with this little black dress.
The CUTEST black Tahari heels.
Elbow length black gloves.
A rhinestone bracelet.

And my mink wrap.
Did you figure out the look I was going for?
I am already planning my outfit for next year, what do you think, ideas welcome! I cannot WAIT! Miss Lisagh, next year it is a must!

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