Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Meal Plan Monday!

Forgot to post this yesterday, and I have been absent for a couple of weeks, an update to follow. Here are the plans for the week!

Monday - I made a HUGE pot of chile. It was COLD here and tasted good last night. Sister J came over for a bowl as well and some will go into the freezer too.
Tuesday - JLM tonight, a couple girls and I are going out for a bite and drinks after.
Wednesday - My nephew G is coming to stay with me, so I will take him to the store for his choice.
Thursday - Most likely a Papa Murphy's pizza since we are going to be running all over and then staying at the Boy's that night.
Friday - Good Friday, we had a really good salmon last Friday and I tempted to go with salmon again, I just love it so much, but it will be mac and cheese as I am preparing for a macaroni and cheese cook off on April 24th. This is the recipe I am going to try this week .
Saturday - We are going to a couples dinner party where everyone is bringing appetizers and something to drink. I am trying to decide between a few recipes, any input, greatly appreciated
Won Ton Cups with Hot Smoked Salmon and Avocado
Won Ton Wrapper Appetizers
Canadian Won Tons (I guess we know which ones Lisagh would pick)
Chicken and Peach Wontons
Won Ton Baskets Supreme
Sunday - Easter Sunday! I am hosting my family at my house and then we are supposed to go to the boys parents for dessert, but they are pretty unorganized and I am starting a new (HUGE) client the next day and I am going to be traveling for a while, so I told the boy that unless they figure out what is going on, and unless it works out for us, we will or will not go . . .that may sound harsh, but come on people, they called us this past Sunday to see if we wanted to come over for Easter dinner. I guess I just get a little frustrated because this is not the first time and we have mentioned many times that we need to plan in advance. We are the only ones in his family that need to make accommodations for two families. You would think that since we all live so close to one another they would work with us, UGH! Oh well, as far as I am concerned, whatev, I have told the boy over and over to work with his family on this. . .anyway here is the menu. . .
Relish plate (does anyone else do these or know what they are?)
Cheese and crackers
Spiral cut ham (with a ginger ale glaze from my Lilly book)
My sisters cheesy hash browns
Egg and Cheese Casserole
Bacon Blue Cheese Salad with White Wine Vinaigrette
Fruit Salad (mom)
Rolls (mom)
Jelly filled donuts from Trader Joe's
Asparagus wrapped with prosciutto (SO good)
Sugar Snap Peas with Bell Peppers
Presecco-Berry Sparklers (I served these Saturday for a couple of girlfriends before we went to meet the rest of the girls for Mink Night, HUGE hit, I know my sister will love this!)
For dessert we are having orange sherbet with vanilla ice cream, simple.

I think that is a pretty good menu. I have to accommodate three somewhat picky eater kids and my newly vegetarian sister. . . What are you guys having/making?


Jacky Hackett said...

Relish tray? You bet. That and cheese and crackers are the best appetizers there are!

I vote the chicken and peach wontons. Menu looks fabulous. We are doing our traditional Polish meal. Tradiational to use that us. Kiebolsa, farmers cheese, fresh rye, horseradish, hame, hard boild eggs.

Enjoy Easter!

Jacky Hackett said...

This came through on my feeds today, very timely.