Tuesday, May 05, 2009


So, I have been COMPLETELY MIA which is terrible. My apologies, BIG time! There are a ton of reasons though. For the past week I have been sick. Migraines, swine flu (KIDDING), allergies all of the above most likely, and I am still not feeling well and I am actually at home today, hence the reason for the post.

I started with a new client a little over a month ago and I am actually on client site for a while and they are very locked down, so no access. Now, I signed up for mobile blogger thinking that would do it, still no access, REALLY locked down client site, which not for nothing, this particular client, that is a good thing. I am HATING not working from home. I am REALLY outnumbered men to women, normally this is okay, but I am SERIOUSLY missing some females around, plus all of my coordinated colorful outfits are completely lost on them, I am lunching at my desk, really it is just very lonely and nothing but work, BORING! Not having access to blogs makes it pure torture. I don't have FB access, NOTHING! And while I know I shouldn't be concerned about this, right now I am really bored because I am still getting up to speed on the project, there are a lot of approvals still in progress and really, I am just BORED!

Nights and the weekends have been busy. Weddings, wine events, the Derby, parties, entertaining, travel, a little of everything lately and life has just been beyond busy. The boy and I have been working with his mom and dad on a flip house, that has been a ton of fun and it looks as though it will go on the market next week, I will try to post some photos, it is really cute. I have gotten to spend some time with my niece and nephews, that is always fun and I seriously cannot get over how grown up they are getting.

The boy and I hosted Easter for my family which was a lot of fun. We did really fun baskets for everyone and had an egg hunt for the kids. Dinner\lunch was really good we did a little bit of everything since we had a vegetarian (my sister) and kids but everything was really good and I had fun coming up with a menu. I also made these for everyone as well as for some friends and they were a big hit.

This past Saturday we hosted a really fun Derby Party. I actually came home Friday though with what I thought was either a migraine or allergies and slept for three hours, so I actually really struggled through the weekend, so I forgot to take pictures and I am SO bummed. There were some great hats, I wore a new Lilly and we had some fabulous food and friends. PLUS, what a great Derby, you could not ask for a better race. It was really fun because the boys parents came and brought pictures of the horse that they used to own that raced (and won--twice) at the local track. The jockey actually rode Chocolate Candy in the Derby, so that was kind of exciting. Sunday we were supposed to go to the Twins game, but the thought of sitting in the dome with my head pounding was too much. I did take it easy most of the day while the boy worked on the house with his parents. I got to see the kids, so that was good. I also was able to find a great pair of navy sling back Calvin Klein pumps. I had been looking for navy shoes, and these are perfect!

I have been adding to my Lilly wardrobe as well. I have picked up four dresses, a pair of pants and a sweater. I still have not picked a piece from the Jubilee collection, but I did get the silk scarf which I love and have already worn several times. My sister also gave me a new bag for my birthday, so the collection is growing. This is the dress that I wore on Saturday for the derby party
with these shoes
and this hat.

We have seen a couple of screenings for movies. My favorite was "The Proposal" with Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock. It comes out June 19th, I highly recommend it. We also saw "The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past" which was pretty good.
This Friday we are hosting a wine event for the wine club, Spanish wine and tapas. We have been doing theme only events and giving people "homework" to get everyone more involved in not only the tasting, but in the prep for the evening as well. I have a few tapas books so I am enjoying this one. Last month we did wine and cheese pairings. My influence for that event came from a book that a dear friend gave to me when she visited last summer. The event was a HUGE success and it was so much fun to hear everyone present their cheese and the reason for the wine that was paired with it. I am trying to come up with the theme for next month yet, I know somewhere I have a list of them, but if anyone has any ideas I would love to hear them!!!!

I need to get better about posting, if nothing else, at least my meal plans on Mondays. I have a corned beef in the crock-pot at the moment. I have been trying to use my crock-pot at least once a week because working on a client site has made getting dinner ready a little harder (I am not a fan of commuting either. . .). We went out to dinner last night, but only because we decided at the last minute to go and see a screening (it was terrible so I am not going to even mention it) and I was feeling okay yesterday, well better than today anyway. I wanted to make something for Cinco de Mayo actually, but I really needed to cook this corned beef and had been meaning to do so for a week. We are staying at the boys tomorrow night, so we will either eat out or just have grilled cheese and soup, which we were supposed to have Sunday, but the boy ordered pizza instead.

I should be like my friend over at the Garage. She is so good about coming up with ideas, writing them the night before and then posting them in the morning. But truth be told, I am probably more like my friend Kerry over at More, More, More where working in my pajamas or yoga pants and just rolling out of bed and into my office is such second nature to me, that starting a whole new morning routine for me has really been an adjustment. I am sure I will get adjusted somehow, it is just taking a little longer than I like and getting sick in the process has not helped.

I am also in the middle of the big spring chore. Getting the closets switched over. Really this is easily a three day project. Well, I have not had three days to do this, so I am "in progress" so I have to make sure the night before that my outfit for the next day is all laid out and put together. This is going to be the first week that we are going to throw an overnight at the boys into the mix. He lives closer to the client site, but there is more traffic, so we will have to see how that goes.

This weekend we are hosting a mother's day dinner for our mom's at the boys house. I have not finalized the menu yet, but I was thinking of doing a custard in these cups with a raspberry or a blackberry on top for dessert. We still are not sure about gifts either, a plant is always nice, but my mom and dad are pretty particular about their garden. Any ideas? Clothes, no. I tried to buy her a wallet when we were out shopping last month and she said that she still likes the one that she is using that I gave her and that she had a new one at home. . . .hmmmm, a book, maybe, but I was hoping for something kind of special.

The boy is working on a project at his house too, it will be done this weekend, so I will post those pictures as well. So much to do. The summer is just around the corner. The boy and I are taking a week up at the lake over Memorial Day, I cannot wait for that. We are also planning a special birthday dinner party for our good friend J. I did a special invite
I think they turned out pretty fun!

I will try to get better about posting, maybe I was just in a slump?

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