Sunday, February 25, 2007

Good Post!

So I have to post one uplifting post because it has just been too hard of a week and I need something uplifting.

We saw Amazing Grace on Friday as well as Ghost Rider. We stopped into J.Crew on our way to dinner where I picked up the cutest skirt for spring as well as a new headband to go with it. Then we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory for a bite to eat. We split a small chopped salad and I had the bowtie pasta with chicken, mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes, peas and roasted garlic. It is one of my favorites there and it did not disappoint. If someone cannot find something there on that menu that they like then there is something wrong with them, because that is one menu that has something for everyone. I LOVE their lemonades too! We were going to go to PF Changs because I was just craving it, but there was a 45 to 60 minute wait as per usual. It started snowing Friday night, we were told we were going to get hit with a douzy of a storm, and we have!

We got up and hit our sales as per usual on Saturday morning. We picked up some good things too. The boy found some history books for his library for some great prices. I don't think that he paid more than $4 for a book! I got two BEAUTIFUL off-white chairs for my living room for, yes, $40 for the pair. I will post pictures later. This was a three day sale and we went on the last day. They were originally $600 chairs. They had been asking $125 per chair. When we came in and I looked at them, the guy told me that I could probably get them for $50 each. I spoke with the gentleman running the sale, I got those two chairs, plus another for dining room and two bowls for $50. I think I did pretty good, wait until you see the chairs! We brought them back to the boys, he has a steam cleaner and even though they are in perfect shape, I just thought it might be nice to give them that added freshness! We stopped for some pizza, dropped the chairs (and the boy) off and then I went to pick up my nephew G. He has been having a tough time lately and we had not had any 1 on 1 time in a while and it was his turn. So I took him to see Happy Feet which we both just loved (this was a five movie week for me, but in all honesty, we didn't pay for The Number 23, which while terrible, we did see it on a special sneak preview. And after seeing Amazing Grace which we both absolutely loved, we weren't really tired and Ghost Rider was just starting so we decided what the heck and we kinda snuck in, but I am SO glad we did not pay for it, I wish we would have seen Bridge to Terrabathia instead!). We stopped back at the boys and grabbed him and then headed to my sister's for a little impromptu snow party with them and the neighbors, it was a lot of fun and we had a good time.

Now the boy is out shoveling, and I really wish I had my camera because it is too funny, but in the midst of the festivities last night, there was quite a few photo op moments (my older nephew and I kind of got in a food fight with some cupcakes) and I accidentally left my camera at her house. I will have to grab it later. I have a work party tonight and then the Oscars, yeah! The boy and I have a lot of the same picks and I cannot wait for the red carpet!

In light of the events from this weekend, I am not going to be traveling next week, which is okay. In due time as they say. I am off in search of the recipe for the pasta I love from The Cheesecake Factory. I hope everyone is enjoying their weekends and I will try to get a couple pictures of my chairs posted later! Oh, and of course the weekend would not be complete without a little online shopping, I am so thinking Spring at the moment and picked up this cute little pink skirt!

***Okay I have to add one random thought here. When the boy and I were at J.Crew, which by the way he is really starting to like and care about what he wears and such, even though I am still doing the majority of his clothing purchases, anyway, he pointed out a couple of things that he liked. I thought, hmmmm this is good. Well this morning over breakfast, I was thumbing through my most recent J.Crew catalogue and he goes, you know I saw these plaid shorts in there on Friday, then he goes, yeah those are the ones! And to my delight, YES! they were the patchwork madras, ahhh a boy after my own heart!***


Allie_in_Ga said...

Where is that adorable skirt from? So cute!

sugar said...

Very cute skirt, is that Lily Pod? I hate the Cheesecake Factory so I guess there is something wrong with me. ha!