Monday, February 26, 2007

The Red Carpet!

Last nights Oscar's were great. We got dumped on with snow Saturday, but the boy and I made the trek back to my house so another co-worker could pick me up to go to a work function. The work party was nice, small due to the weather, but by the time I got back the Oscar's were an hour in, I had missed the red carpet, and the boy had a fire going. The streets were really a mess here last night, I am so done with Winter!

I was pleased with the results from the awards. And most of the dresses I thought were tasteful. I was happy that Jennifer Hudson won, but I was frightened when she was singing, thinking that we may have a wardrobe malfunction at any moment.

My favorite by far was Reese, there is just something about her that I just love. I also loved Beyonce and Rachel Weis. I thought most of the speeches were really good too, but I have to admit that I could not stay awake for the whole thing and fell asleep before the last four awards. I am not a night owl, what can I say? I thought Ellen did a great job and Portia De Rosi looked beautiful, I hope Ellen does it again next year. I was sick of the whole Al Gore thing, and while I normally like Melissa Etheridge I thought she was a little over the top for me last night. Her comment about that being the only naked man in her bedroom was too much for me, she should just leave well enough alone. All in all a good evening!


Libby said...

I thought Rachel looked beautiful too and you're SO right about Jennifer Hudson's performance!

The Bass Player's Wife said...

I missed the first half (one of the benefits of being out here is that the Oscars on early). I thought Cate Blanchett looked great, and I am with you on Reese and Rachel.

I have to wonder what Jennifer Hudson was thinking with the brown dress-- pockets???