Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Weird Things

I have been tagged by Libby so here goes. . . .

1. I have to match. Pretty much at all times, right down to my pajamas. I feel uncomfortable if something doesn't match.

2. I look TERRIBLE with short hair and have only had short hair once in my life. My sister's wedding, my mother was furious when I got off the plane with hair above my ears. I looked about 20 years older than I really was at the time too. She sent me to "her guy" to get him to try to "fix" it, but unless he was going to put in extensions, there really was not much he could do. So he decided to change the color, with a wash, it turned pink. Now I like pink as much as the next person. Just not for my hair. Our dresses were pink though. Oh it was terrible.

3. I have to wash my clothes with Purex Mountain Spring scented detergent, Downey liquid fabric softener AND two (or for a large load three) fabric softener sheets.

4. I keep crayons on my desk with plain white paper all the time. This way if I am stuck on something I can color and it might trigger something, or if someone comes in to see me they will have something to do while we talk. Gets the creative juices flowing.

5. I like to sleep and need it. I cannot function on less than 5 hours but 8 and I am perfect. I can also fall asleep just about anywhere a plane before take off is one of my favorites. I don't like to stay in bed, and I don't like to be lazy, but I need sleep, or my body needs it anyway.

6. I think that I worry too much, and then I worry that I worry too much and then I get anxiety. Then I think that I am the only one that thinks like I do, so then I think I am weird. Then I worry that I am the only one that is thinking about something so I better do something about it but then I know that I can't really and then I get anxiety. Whew, that is the first time I have ever admitted that.

Bossy Bar Wife
The Mayor of Crazy Town

Let me tell you it was not easy finding people to tag out there, everyone has been hit!


Monogram Momma said...

I too have to use the liquid Downey. but I use the Lavendar Vanilla. It's so divine to smell your linens coming out of your dryer, it's like I'm in the middle of a commercial smelling them in the laundry room.

Me said...

Damn it! How would I know I have been tagged like a decade ago! LOL I shall get to this soonest!