Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Melt Downs and the President

So after enduring meaness from people that really should just not be mean, I sort of just needed to have a cocktail and vent. I had plans to have a friend over for dinner, but she cancelled, again. How many times do you make plans with someone and let them cancel before you stop inviting by the way, because this feels like the 100th time she has done this and I am just getting fed up with it. I think my invitations are done. So, the boy picked me up, and I asked if he felt like grabbing a cocktail to which of course he said whatever I felt like. So we went to one of our favorite places downtown here Bellanotte. When we walked in "J" was there with two of her co-workers, both whom I really enjoy so it was good to see them and catch up a bit.

So I vented to the boy, told him the whole saga to which he was very supportive. Had a couple of glasses of wine and a snack and then we headed to his house to watch the President.

Now, our President does not have an easy job. But yet people feel the need to criticize him every step of the way. I would like to see all of these people that have negative things to say about him try to do a better job. They always say to surround yourself with good people. I think that he has tried to do that. I also think that people need to understand that a lot of the decisions that are made are not his alone, I am sure that he seeks out a ton of advice and weighs each decision very carefully. I just love how so many people just criticize but never encourage, or support decisions that have been made.

I thought it was a good speech, very surface but good. This morning one of the news casters made the comment that it was a hostile senate, hmmm, interesting. I don't think I can agree with that, but okay.

So yesterday the boy comes downstairs to leave for work and he has on a gray sweater with a black design on it (hard to explain), tan corderoys, and brown shoes. I just looked at him and I said you know that doesn't go together right? He just looked down. We bought him a TON of clothes over the last few weeks, I got him a ton of clothes for Christmas, and he loves them, he just is not that great at putting them all together yet. So he goes back upstairs to change and comes down in some of his older worn clothes. I said, was that just easier, and he said yes with a grumpy look. I let it be, but I did think it was funny. This morning he comes downstairs when we are getting ready to leave for work and he says, how did I do, he looked very nice and I gave him the thumbs up. Why do some men have such a problem dressing. And the ones that don't we question their sexuality?


lisagh said...

In high school, I had 2 male friends who were brothers. Whenever they had to dress for something they'd call me, I'd go over to their house and sit on one of their beds while they tried stuff on and awaited my thumbs up or down. It was a win win situation: they ended up looking presentable and at a young age, I got used to seeing men in their underwear.

Anonymous said...

I guess it just depends on your politcs when it comes to how we talk about the people in charge. I personally think he is a horrible president when it comes to presidents, and I do think at some point in a conversation with a friend I said that I think I actually could do a better job than him, but that wasn't saying much to begin with.
I know though, that people consider me crazy and weird. I'm a very socially liberal pacifist who might enter into a convent.
So I'm just weird. :)

lcd said...

Horrible President. But..that is not my comment. It is the clothes thing,. You need Garanimals for adult men. Someone will make a million. Luckily I am in NY so men dressing well is not the aberration it is elsewhere but still...some are shall we say 'style challenged'.