Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Catch Up!

I know I have not posted in a bit. Life has been crazy. I have been averaging two interviews a day, that on top of my regular job, a sick friend in the hospital, the boy, my family and regular activities as well as squeezing in a couple of dr.'s appointments, life has been nutty.

The boy and I went to see Blood Diamond last week, a very good movie with a very good message. We still want to see Babel and The Queen, I think we will get those in this weekend though. It is going to be very very cold here, so I am sure we will be spending most of the weekend indoors. After the movie we grabbed a bite to eat and played some skee-ball and air-hockey at Gameworks which was fun. Gameworks is kind of like a Dave & Busters.

They had a meeting to plan a benefit for the friend of the family that is in the hospital so we attended that as well and will be helping out in any way that we can. I am going to solicit for donations for the silent auction and help to get a band. It is kind of being run in a disorganized fashion, and I would love to step up and help more, but I just don't have the time at the moment. We also grabbed a cocktail with the girl from wine club that went to college with the boy. She was telling us about an interesting and scary experience that happened to her where she was slipped the date rape drug from a guy that she met at Bella one night and now she has a case pending and they are trying to track him down. Very scary and just goes to show you that you need to always be on your toes.

We saw Smokin Aces Friday and grabbed a sandwich at Potbelly which was pretty good. A girl from wine club joined us so that was nice. I had met "J" earlier for a cocktail first and caught up with her. It had been a very long week at work and I needed to just decompress.

The boy and I got up early and hit a few estate sales. They were pretty fun and we got some interesting items. Saturday we picked up my nephew and the neighbor girl and took them to Fuddruckers and then to see Miss Potter which was an excellent movie and we all enjoyed it. My nephew Jack, who is 8, spent the night at my new place and had fun having a rubber band fight with the boy. The neighbor girl got dropped off in the morning and then we headed out to the Park at MOA and took in all of the rides and played some arcade games. It was a lot of fun and the boy even enjoyed it. I was pretty exhausted and enjoyed just going over to his parents place Sunday evening for dinner and some light reading. A good way to end the weekend.

My last day here with this group is Friday. I am taking next week off to relax and unwind and then I will be joining another group here on the 12th. I am looking forward to a breath of fresh air. It is amazing to me how fast one person can take a department so far down hill. In the two months that he has headed our group of 18, we have lost 6. Three more will leave in February. Two people have been given offers and one has joined, but still, it says a lot about him as a leader. I am really looking forward to a change and a change of scenery. I will be in a different building on the opposite end of downtown from most of my friends, but I am looking forward to learning a new area of downtown. I am also relieved to have finally accepted an offer. I had a few on the table and my voice mailbox gets filled up daily and I cannot even return all of the calls, so it was getting just way too overwhelming. A couple of good things about this are, it is nice to know that my skills are in demand and it is also nice to know that the job market here is so strong.

We got together for our first Culinary Club event last night. There were four of us girls that went to Chambers Kitchen. I kind of cheated because I had been there a couple of weeks ago with another friend, but last night was very good and I really enjoyed everything. Each of us ordered something different from the menu and passed in order to have a taste of everything. We also ordered two appetizers to share, a salad to share, each had a glass of wine and two desserts. It was a great way of getting to try a little bit of everything.

Tonight I am making chile for the boy and I and it will be a quiet night at home and I am really looking forward to it.

I am going to stay at my sisters next week while they are in Florida at Disney, so I will be house sitting and dog sitting which will be nice for me because I can get caught up on a lot of things that I want to do for me.

Okay, off to get more things taken care of!

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I don't think I e-mailed you my new blog because I could only find your work e-mail address. Shoot me a e-mail so I can let you know where my new home is :-) in blogland.