Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Truly Horrible

Have you ever met a truly horrible person with no manners or niceness about them at all whatsoever? I have been trying to do my best to deal with this person, but I am about to EXPLODE!

She started here at work about 2 1/2 weeks ago and I am now transitioning my projects to her because I am leaving. But from the moment that she got here she was terrible to me, just plain RUDE. Today she has almost pushed me over the edge but instead I am trying to kill her with niceness and politeness (secretly hoping that some will rub off).

We went to a vendor lunch earlier. First she comes into my office and asks me where this place is (rudely I may add) I would have liked to have stated she has the name of the place, look it up, but instead I told her it is about a 5 to 10 minute walk. She said she had a broken ankle and would need to know where it was. So I said 6th and Nicollett. She just looked at me, then she said, well I guess it will be a 20 minute walk then. I asked what happened to her ankle and she said that was not up for discussion and turned and walked away.

At lunch, we were at the end of the table with 4 men and one other woman. No one else had been there before, she mentioned that I had. They asked if I had recommendations. I said the tilapia is my favorite, she said, if you like tilapia-which I don't. I then made the suggestion that the walleye sandwich while very big was quite good-she said, you can get one of those anywhere. I then said that there were two types of salmon on the menu, the coho was very good, all this while I am ignoring her snippy remarks-she said, is that even in season anymore. Oh well. There were more comments made throughout lunch and now since we have been back she has attended two meetings which I facillitated not participating in one, just listening. I sent an email asking her how she wanted to handle things going forward, I am only here to help, what kind of information can I pass along and she is just being rude. I do not know how to handle this and it just gives me knots in my stomach.

Did I mention she got her food before anyone else and just started eating? There were 16 of us, everyone else waited. . . . .



Libby said...

That woman is a cow!

(I've tagged you for a meme, by the way)

J said...

Ugh, rude people...she sounds pretty passive agressive to me. At least you are leaving soon!

lisagh said...

You know me... can't stand the rudeness! We should be able to hand out citations to these people!