Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Ta-Da List!

I have been busy getting myself organized for the past 24 hours. I have been getting things crossed off of my Ta-Da list, updating my list notebook, scheduling 3 months worth of needed doctors appointments, scheduling plans and dinners with friends I would like to catch up with, updating the Twin Cities Wine Enthusiast Club information and pictures as well as looking to plan the next two months worth of events. I always feel better when I am more organized, know where things are and what is going on. It makes me feel calmer.

Last night the boy picked me up and we went and got my eyebrows waxed, they really needed it and it was something on my Ta-Da list. He wanted to watch, is that weird? I thought it was, but I can see where curiosity would come into play. Instead he went next door and did a little window shopping at a finer mens clothing store (this is important for something coming up). We picked up a George Foreman grill, I thought it would be fun to give one a try. I grilled pork chops and we had steamed cauliflower and rice. Sounds pretty boring, but I use a lot of different seasonings and fresh herbs so it was really pretty good. I also use chicken broth most of the time when I make my rice. We both enjoyed it though.

I headed to the computer after dinner to get the invitations done for my Chinese New Year Party on the 17th. I went with Design Her Gals just because I have liked what they have done in the past and it was quick and easy, BUT, having said that, I then noticed that ETP did custom invites for someone's wedding (now I can't remember whose blog I saw it on). I kind of smacked my head this morning like doh! because I totally could have had her do the invites, ESPECIALLY since I just placed an order there yesterday for some other cards. Well it is not like the opportunity will not come up again!

On Friday when I got into work after my interview, there was an urgent email from my sister. She said in the email that a very close friend of the family, their son, who is my sister's age, was very sick and to call right away. Of course I did, he is in ICU in a medically induced coma in organ failure. His kidney and liver are basically not functioning. They have him on dialysis and they also have him tubed due to a bleeding ulcer. This is the reason for the medically induced coma. These are very good friends of ours. My parents best friends, all of us kids grew up together. Their oldest is my age, the middle my sister's age and then the baby who is my parents god daughter. She just had a baby this past May, and it was my sister and I who threw her shower. The news was devastating, but he has been in our thoughts and prayers ever since. The cause of all of this is from drinking. How a 34 year old could let his body get this bad is beyond me, but the most important part right now is to rebuild so that he can get better. My sister and my parents and I have let them know we will do whatever we can. They are planning a benefit for March 10th so my sister and I pushed up our sleeves and dug right in. I have been sending emails asking for donations and we will be helping with the set up and getting the word out. This is a tough time for them as a family, and anything we can do to help we will. Babysitting services have been offered and my parents had the parents over for dinner last night. Sometimes a good meal, a shoulder to cry on and an ear to bend are the most important things in a time like this. They just built a Caring Bridge site yesterday here.

Okay, I am off to get to some work and return some of these calls. My voicemail is full again, I need to empty it out! Oh, and I finally uploaded all of the pictures from my camera last night, so look for some updated photos too! Especially from my new place (I don't have nearly as many as I should or want to!).

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