Monday, January 22, 2007

The Twins are SIX already!

I did wind up going to book club, which was fine. Might as well go if I am going to read the books, right? Thursday night, my friend J from out East, who lives here now, and I went to this place The Chambers, to have drinks and dinner. It is the sister hotel of a place in NYC, so we thought we would give it a try. They opened this past summer and I just have not had anyone to really go with. They have an Ice Bar there which is SO cool. It is a bar outside in a tent that is made completely out of ice. They only serve martinis out there and the bar is sponsored by Grey Goose, so I am sure you can imagine. It was a ton of fun, there was some fabulous people watching and the food was great. J and I had a really good time and it is fun to have someone like him here who is a little piece of home for me.

I had my third interview with a place Friday morning which went really well, they still have two more rounds for me to go through, the CIO and the CEO, it is smaller company about 1000, so I guess going to the CEO level makes sense for this position. I am just not sure about the commute. I really want to stay downtown and this is back out in the burbs. I just moved to Minneapolis, now commuting to the burbs seems silly, but I guess wait and see what else pops up.

So pretty uneventful weekend. We saw "Letters from Iwo Jima" on Friday, the boy and his friend W and I. Went to Green Mill for a bite first. The movie was okay, but I was tired and couldn't really get into it. Sub-titles sometimes can be fine and then sometimes I am just not into it. The movie had a good storyline anyway.

Saturday the boy and I went to a couple of estate sales and super target. We found some real treasure this weekend at the sales and could not wait to get them to their homes. I found a really cool old framed sampler which I cleaned up and will hang somewhere this week. The boy got a really cool table and bench from about 1920 for his entryway which is in beautiful condition. We put it in there last night, and I used the word cute which I am sure did not go over well for the bachelor's pad, but it really was just SO cute in there. He got a great deal too for $20. My mother was jealous when we showed her, but I did pick up a Tom the Piper's Son Shawnee pitcher for her which she really enjoyed. The first sale we went to was a true junker or diggers sale. Sometimes I am okay with these, other times I just get grossed out. It was one of my grossed out days so we probably did not stay as long as we could of to find some real deals, but I did also get some fabulous rhinestone jewelry.

We met up with my friend J from out East at the Pond Hockey Championship. We just dressed for the weather and endured. It was a ton of fun and the sun was strong so that made it easier. It was a ton of fun to watch all of the hockey and J was just in heaven being a hockey player himself. They had a big gigantic warming house where they served cocktails and snacks, so we ventured in there from time to time to warm ourselves and have a cocktail break. It was pretty cool to see all of these teams from all over the US. We met and chatted with some interesting people and then decided it was time for some real food and headed over to Punch for a bite to eat and some decent wine. It was an early night but that is good.

The boy and I were able to get a ton of cleaning done at my place and get ready for G & G's 6th birthday party. It was a ton of fun and I still cannot believe they are 6 already. Grant finally warmed up to the boy, it only took him about 10 months, not too bad at all :). Not surprising though either. The kids had a ton of fun playing with him, a rubber band fight thrown in with a couple of tickle matches it was all good. He is never around kids, so this was an interesting experience for him too. Jack is coming to stay for the weekend and we are taking him to MOA along with Cami the neighbor and they cannot wait for that. I am sure that come Sunday the boy and I will be exhausted!

Off to get some work done and start my Monday. I am SO not a Monday person, or maybe it is just this job :)


Libby said...

Wow, your weekend sounds like it was a TON of fun! From Ice Bars to Warming Houses, does it get any better than that? I think not!

ps: Good luck with your next round of interviews!

jillskict said...

Thanks for pointing out things I probably have taken for granted. Being back in MN I have to make my own fun, but it was a good weekend! I hope that yours was good too! Thanks for the luck too!

lisagh said...

I'll be in Minneapolis next week (the 28th) and the week after (the 6th) ... to and fro Annapolis. Wish I had longer layovers there to check out the Ice Bar... sounds so cool. (excuse the pun) If I miss my plane, I'll be hunting you down!

jillskict said...

If you miss feel free to give a jingle I am only 10 minutes away from the airport, the 28th my 8 year old nephew and I will be at MOA and the 6th I may be at home doing nothing :)