Wednesday, December 13, 2006

When will life slow down?

So I moved. And I am trying to get unpacked and organized. But just when this hits, so do the holidays and work decides to become crazy. I had two people find better opportunities come January, so I have been reviewing resumes and interviewing, this on top of transition work and my dad to day activities as well as having other execs in from our CA and MD offices for holiday parties. Oh yeah, holiday parties, I am already burned out and want down time.

Last week was a blur. Friday we went to see the new Mel Gibson movie Apocolyptco. I thought it was way too violent and gross, had to go and throw up, so I left and then the boy took me home. Before that we had dinner at CPK and I bit into a shrimp in my pepperoni and mushroom pizza. Being deathly allergic, this was a problem. I spit it out very quickly so I only had swollen lips which was okay. The boy had drills this past weekend, so I was on my own. I went to some estate sales with my mother on Saturday morning and then my dad came over to knock a few things off of my to do list which was good. Later that afternoon the boy showed up in his dress blues (*OH MY*) and changed and we went to pick up my couch, chair and ottoman so that I could actually have furniture in my living room. I found it but the boy went and looked at it and gave it the nod. It seems to be working out really nicely in there. Sunday we just made soup and relaxed and took it easy.

Tonight is another wine dinner. I am really looking forward to this one, there were 20 people that wanted to come but I had to turn some people away as we could not get a reservation for that many people this time of year downtown. Should be fun though. I also got an email from a friend from out East who just moved here, we grabbed a drink last night and he will be joining us tonight which should be a lot of fun.

Work beckons. I feel like I am missing out on a part of my life because I have not been able to keep up on all of my regular blog reading. . . .


lisagh said...

Good to have you back! Don't worry, things are bound to settle down ... eventually.

Susan Dench said...

I love estate sales - did you and your mum find anything fun?

a. said...

Oh don't worry you aren't missing out on much!

Hey, I am looking for a job, hire me!!!