Monday, December 18, 2006

I need 30 hours in a day!

Needless to say it was a week and a weekend of festivities and running around and not nearly enough unpacking or getting things crossed off of my ta-da list. But it was all worth it. We saw "Pursuit of Happyness" on Friday which was very good and we all liked it which was nice. We stayed downtown and had a bite to eat downtown which was nice for a change. The boy is really starting to get into the whole city thing and such and I am just loving it. We had a really good turn out for wine club last week and everyone had a really good time. I am so glad that I stuck with it and I am going to keep at it as well. Our next event is actually going to be at my house where we will do a tasting and have a wine educator in to talk to us. It should be fun and I am looking forward to it. We seemed to have gotten a really nice core group in the mix. We did a little gift exchange too which was a lot of fun as well. Thursday night the boy and I were invited to a wine tasting at one of the members houses who is opening up a wine franchise with her brother this April. It was very close to the boys house so we figured why not even though we both were dead dog tired, but this is what the holidays are for right. So off we went after I made us a dinner of pasta, alfredo, chicken and peas that was delish. We meant to get the boys tree up too, but it was easier to unwind on his couch with The Office before heading to the wine tasting. Her house was beautiful and we had a really good time and I think the boy is starting to like this whole wine thing. It was nice to have a low key Friday, even though I did take the opportunity to get a lot of my shopping done that day.

Saturday was a HUGE day for us. We had a TON of running around to do, dropping off his car to be serviced, checking out some more estate sales to keep looking for things for my house, the wine shop where two cases of wine were purchased (I hope that gets me through the holidays or at least until New Years), the boy had a gift card from last Christmas that he had yet to use, so we got him a new pair of hiking boots, the grocery store where I am hoping we got everything we need at least through Christmas, my mom's store where we both picked out some gifts that we liked and then finally home where we had to create a new home for Indigo the second (the first got flushed, SOMEONE, thought that the bowl just had to be cleaned, but then put him back in without letting him slowly get acclimated to the water). The car was not finished, but we had dinner we needed to be at in Saint Paul at 6:30. We were NOT going to be on time considering that I still needed to get to my house to shower and change. The boy had let me pick out a new pair of trendy pants that day, so I gave him an early present that I knew would go with it and he looked very dapper. We made it to the dinner, but we were almost an hour late. This was a dinner for one of the boys best friends who just came back from Afghanistan and has taken a job with the government and will be leaving for DC this week. It was basically his whole unit and a pretty rowdy crowd. There were lot's of libations that were had and carried on into the evening, or in the case of the rest of the crew the next day. We left around 2 and I am glad we left when we did. I guess the rest of them carried on into the next day where they tailgated for the Vikings game.

The boy was coming to a family party with me Sunday evening around 4. It was very close to my new house so I was glad about that, but we were both really hurting. I had 7 dozen cookies that needed to be made, that was a chore, especially since I don't bake. This was for a cookie exchange, I made melting moments after getting the recipe from my mom. They were very cute pink and green and I had bought really nice frosted glass plates to put them on along with a votive and holly berries. I also had to bring a gift for the gift exchange. It was quite a day, the boy vegged on the couch most of the day. I did not sit down once that day, and finally got into the shower at 3:50, yes we were almost an hour late again. It was a really nice party though and even Santa made an appearance. He did mention that I was on his permanent naughty list, not sure what is up with that. . . . although he has known me his entire life.

This week is finishing my cards, laundry, cleaning my house and wrapping presents. I have plans almost every night though so I am not sure when any of this is going to get done though. The boy has my SUV tonight and is picking me up, we will have dinner and then I will hopefully get some of the things crossed off my list! I have not even started to unpack my office and have not even cracked open my laptop at home, too many things to do, too little time, but it will all happen sooner or later I guess! It is nice that our families are so close together, we will be able to spend the holidays with both of them without disrupting anyones traditions.

Better get to reading some of my blogs while I have a couple of minutes, I feel SO behind and I miss them SO much!

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