Monday, December 04, 2006

The Move is OVER!!!!

So the move happened this weekend. And I didn't take any pictures, it was TOO cold! Saturday it was just getting all of my stuff from my sister's and then Sunday was the POD. The boy and I did the majority of it and then Sunday J brought over sandwiches for lunch, and then the boy unloaded the POD, I unpacked and she did dishes and put them away. Alas, I do not have a dishwasher, but I am okay with that. Although I am sure to change my mind after my first dinner party.

It went very smoothly, but it was very cold. I really like my new house and I was very pleased at the progress that was made yesterday. I am off to get all of my hanging clothes at my sister's after work, put plastic on the boy's windows so that we can do mine this weekend and then a Target run, moving is EXPENSIVE! You think of all of these things that you need, but forget that you need them. I have a list a mile long! Lot's to do still, and it was really nice of J and the boy to have helped me so much. Of course I want to be done already, but all in good time. I do want to get the place decorated for Christmas and I did get my tree up but I just tossed my lights onto it. I have to find places for things still but it is coming together.

Short post, work is crazy and I have a ton to do. Cards tomorrow night with a bottle of wine and a good DVD, get me your address for card swap if I don't already have it!


lisagh said...

I got my cards done this weekend and they're off in the mail today, so keep your eyes peeled! Ho! Ho! Ho!

lisagh said...

Where have you been Miss Jill? I hope not lost under a snowbank!