Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cards Have Arrived!

My holiday cards arrived yesterday from Designhergals and I think they turned out pretty good! I really like them and I think that it is great that I was able to create something that is a little different and unique. They really have my personality which is nice. I highly recommend checking them out. A portion of any purchase that you make goes towards their gal-to-gal foundation which helps to raise funds and awareness for women with stage 4 breast cancer, you can't beat that. Also, if you place your order by December 15th and spend over $40, enter this code: HOLIDAZE and you will receive anywhere from 10%-25% off of your order. I am truly happy with them and at my age, being single and childless this time of year can be tough. I get so many cute cards in the mail with pictures of my friends kids, and I love them because for the ones that I do not see that often it really is fun to watch them grow and change, but sending my own out can be dull. Store bought or personalized cards can be nice, but these cards really have my personality. The boy had fun helping me create them too, picking out my outfit and choosing my hairstyle and the background and such. It was fun.

My move is happening this weekend, and of course it is supposed to be cold. I am SO ready for this move. It will be so nice to give up the commute which right now is an hour one way. I wouldn't mind it if I was sitting on the train and could read or something, but driving and sitting in traffic gets to be a little much. Being downtown and just a couple of blocks from the lake will be nice. I know that I am really going to enjoy it this Spring and Summer. I also cannot wait to have a fire in my fireplace and just get unpacked and settled. My commute should be about 5 minutes, cannot WAIT! I also cannot wait to get everything in it's proper place and be organized, I guess that is the OCD again. It will be nice to have a lot of space again. I am trying to figure out a way to take Friday off, but I am also slammed at work. We will see, but nonetheless I will be in by Sunday! The boy will be helping me all weekend which will be nice too. It is going to be interesting to see how this changes our relationship or if it does. My new place will be closer to his work, but MUCH further from his house. Right now I am living about 5 minutes from him, which is convenient. My new place will be about 10 minutes from his work, but about 25 minutes from his house. I am sure all will work out, but I must admit, it does give me some anxiety.

Wine club tonight, we have 14 confirmed at the moment, we will see how many show up this time. Trying another BYOB wine dinner at a restaurant. It seemed to have worked pretty well last time, I am hoping for the same again. The boy is going for the first time too, it will be interesting to get his take on things. Off for a Target run, need sock monkey pajamas to keep at the boys house.

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