Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Pluses and Minuses

The past couple of months have been interesting to say the least. But along with interesting, things in my life have added to my stress levels. This in turn has caused me to drop a significant amount of weight without really noticing. Not this couldn'tbe a good thing, yes, right before the holiday's shedding a few extra pounds, not a bad thing. But this is also a bad thing. My clothes have started to hang, buckle and gap in places where they normally used to fit.

The weight coming off, while I am sure maybe was slower than I am realizing at the moment, has come off none the less and it is enough to the point where I have probably dropped two sizes. Unfortunately my clothes have not kept up with this loss and the items that I purchased for my Fall/Winter wardrobe are the size I have been wearing for the last three years or so. I used to be pretty tiny until I got sick, while I was sick I maintained this size for the most part, but I had to give up my regular exercising and my tennis while I was sick and then the drugs they put me on made me gain weight and rapidly and over the past three years while I have been comfortable with my weight, it just sort of maintained itself and was harder to lose. Now I don't know what has happened but every morning when I go to get ready for work, I have a hard time finding anything to put on. I am not about to go out and buy all new clothes, I like what I have in my closet. I think it is safer to wait to have everything altered, I need to wait to find out my results yet (**which are one day late at the moment and I am very aware of this as is my doctors office seeing as I have been calling them about twice a day now**). I suppose struggling through the next couple of weeks is not a bad thing. I know that my yoga pants and things like that still fit, but I can't wear those things to work. My jeans, pants and skirts are all kind of hanging funny and even with a belt I feel like I am constantly hiking my jeans up. I will never be model thin, I am just not built for it, at 5'1" I have always been considered "petite" and anyone who thinks that word is a compliment should go shopping with me for "cool" jeans sometime. Guess what, they don't make them. Although there was a cool link on PC a while back. I may have to go and hunt that down. In the mean time I guess I will wait before buying anything new to see where my weight stabilizes once again. You would think at my age these things would stop.

I am excited for my holiday cards to arrive this week, and cannot wait to get them addressed, I am sure moving this weekend will get in the way of that but I am hoping to have them out by next week or so. Had a fabulous dinner with the boy last night, I made two nice dinners for us in a row and he said that both dishes were his two favorite things that I have made for him. Go figure, chicken soup and pasta (tortellini) with chicken sausage, green pepper and tomatoes, both recipes from the Kraft Foods web site. He, has very simple taste where I like to try new things and like more eclectic foods. We had a really nice evening though, but I still have to get him to stop gulping his wine. I like the fact that he is trying by having a glass of wine with me at dinner. But he took one drink after we sat down, made a face and pushed the glass towards me a bit. This was not a great wine, don't get me wrong, Monkey Bay, Sauvingon Blanc, but still. So after I finished mine, I would have drank the rest of his while watching Prison Break, but as we were cleaning up, he picks up his glass and just slams the rest. Oh help. I have wine club tomorrow night and we are doing a wine dinner. The boy is coming with me for the first time, someone help me! Although I did start the wine club so that people who did not know a ton about wine would have the opportunity to learn and discover more about wine through others. There is one individual who did tell me up front though, please do not judge me because I only drink White Zin. . . .more on that Thursday! Hope everyone is well and has a great Tuesday!

**I finally made the switch over to the new blogger beta last night. Not sure what I think yet, but I did notice I lost all of my links that I will have to re-do. I guess I must not have learned to save first and then copy and change. . .**

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Meg said...

Hi Jilly,
Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I like checking in with you, too. Have fun at your dinner/wine club tomorrow!