Monday, November 27, 2006

Ta-da List!

I hope that everyone had a good Thanksgiving! Life has been a bit hectic over the past week or so. The boy has been recovering nicely from his lasik and he is really happy that he got it. I am happy for him as well. Last weekend we spent the weekend dinging around estate sales and watching more Nip/Tuck. We did not find any real treasures at any of the estate sales, but we did have a really good time and it is nice that it is something that we can enjoy doing together.

We saw the new Bond movie last Tuesday after dropping off a couple of rugs at my new cottage. It was a good action movie, but as far as Bond movies go, it was terrible. If you didn't see it yet, I won't give anything away, let's just say I do not like the new Bond or the changes that have been made. We also tried out some carrot cake at one of my favorite bakeries, Wuollet. They have fabulous cakes. The boy wanted to bring a carrot cake to his sister's for Thanksgiving and I thought this was a good option so we gave it a try, he loved it, so it was winner. We grabbed some dinner at Hooters, don't ask me why, neither of us like going there, but it was right next to the movie theater. Our waitress was a ditz, I hate to generalize. . . but. . . .

Wednesday was one of my busiest days ever at work, I could not wait to get out of here. I met J for a drink at Bellanotte before heading over to the boys, then of course he wanted to head out for a bit, so where else would we go, but Bella. Might as well keep it a theme night. It started getting really crowded and young in there though, then turned into a meat market with girls wearing ensembles I cannot even put into words. Oh well, we headed home and I very quickly fell asleep on the couch. It had been a long day.

Thanksgiving was nice, different from my own of course but that is okay. His sister and her family is very nice and the food was very traditional, nothing wacky and of course they had the Minnesota food group, jell-o which I will never understand. We just kind of hung out, nothing major.

I was going to get up early and head to Circuit City to pick up a flat screen tv during black friday. But the line was unbelievable so I skipped it, SO not worth my time. I would rather just spend the money. Friday was a nice quiet day at work and I was able to head out for a nice long lunch (at Bellanotte) with my friend Ben. We spent a long time just chatting and catching up, I so miss my daily chats with him. Friday evening the boy and I decided to get a couple of things crossed off of my TA-DA list and we picked up a headlight for my car and a couple more rugs at Home Goods. We have really been lucking out in the rug department there and have gotten some really nice rugs. From there we went to CPK to have a nice chopped salad and then we headed over to catch a movie. We saw Deja Vu with Denzel Washington which we both really liked, we had a little popcorn and when the movie was over and we were getting ready to leave, we decided we weren't really that tired and we thought what the heck, and we went to see Deck the Halls with Mathew Broderick and Danny Devito. It was a cute fun family film. Nothing to earth shattering though.

This past weekend we again were on the hunt. There are a lot of things I still need for my place and I move this weekend and of course want it perfect right away. We hit four estate sales on Saturday as well as a thrift shop. Nothing too terribly exciting but I did manage to pick up a really nice cedar trunk. It needs to be refinished so Saturday night while the boy worked on his rocking chair in his basement, I stripped the trunk. I think it is going to turn out really nice and will be perfect to store my sweaters in. Sunday we went to brunch at Bar Abilene which was nice and then went and dropped off the other rugs which look really nice. We stopped by the Cottage Shop to see if they had anything of interest and I really lucked out and was able to find the dining room table and the chairs I have been looking for. It is a Duncan Phyfe and I just thought that it would be so versatile in my dining room. It seats two perfectly and then can expand to six nicely and has two leaves to expand to seat twelve. I cannot wait for my first dinner party. I decided not to do my holiday cocktail party this year. Just too much stress with moving and everything else at the moment. I am going to do some kind of a fun party in January. I thought about a Chinese New Year's Party, Mardi Gras in February or a beach party in January. I will just have to wait and see I guess.

I cannot wait to get moved and settled. I made a really good chicken chowder at the boy's last night, but of course have been too busy today to even have a bite. I am headed over there now to make some chicken sausage tortellini dish and work on my trunk project. It would be nice to have it done before move in day Saturday! I still have a lot of preparations to do to get ready for move in day, hopefully all will go well. I think I am going to take Friday off to prepare, I just cannot wait to get settled, unpacked and get my holiday decorations up! Looking forward to it. I will try to be better about posting this week, but I have been really busy with moving preparations and work in general, I am checking in though on all of my regular blog reads throughout the day, some days that is all that gets me through the days. It is good though, and a good community. It gives me some great ideas for gifts, decorating and just things I need to do! On that note. . . .

A few of my fellow bloggers are doing a holiday card swap which I think is an excellent idea! I love sending cards as much as I love receiving them! I just ordered mine finally this past weekend (after much debate I decided to incorporate my "I've Moved" with it, they are a little cheesy but the boy says they are all me!) I thought this was a grand idea. If anyone who reads this would like to exchange cards, please email me, with subject line, Holiday Card Swap, and send along your address which will be kept confidential of course, and I will add you to the list (which I just went through and updated today)! I am looking forward to exchanging cards with some new friends this year! Should be fun!

**Just as a side note, I just received an email that my cards are shipping today! These are custom cards and I just ordered them Saturday night, so I am impressed! I have never ordered from this company before so I am a little worried about the card stock and print quality, but I am going to keep my fingers crossed. I don't want to say where they are from yet, just in case, but as soon as they arrive and have the seal of approval, I will post a picture and a link to the site!**

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