Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Waiting, waiting.

I should have the results today or tomorrow, in the mean time though it is the waiting game. I have been feeling a lot better and a bit more like myself the past couple of days though which is nice. We will just have to wait and see.

I spent the weekend at the boys and he took really good care of me and we had a really nice weekend together. I completely have him hooked on Nip/Tuck, we watched the first six episodes of Season 1 and he loved it. Can't wait to watch more with him. We even picked up Season 3 at Target Sunday. We watched a couple of movies, but mainly just hung out. Went for a couple of drives, stopped by one of my favorite occasional shops and he picked up a really nice big wooden rocking chair and an old tricycle that he is going to restore. He loves his projects and now that the house is done and it is colder those will both be good winter projects for him. Had dinner at his parents on Sunday night as usual which is always nice and they are such sweet and pleasant people to be around. We brought brownies and had brownie sundaes for dessert which were delicious.

My sister and I have been not getting along very well the past couple of days which is very hard for me. We are very close in age, but complete opposites and always have been. My sister is what I call crunchy. She lives in tie-dye's and birks, wears her hair very very short in a wash and wear do and never wears make-up. But that is just the beginning. We have very different view points and live our lives completely differently, which is to be expected, she is married with three kids. She went from college life, living with roommates, to living with her fiance right out of college for 10 months before they got married and then moved into her house. She has never lived by herself, nor does she have a "career". She works outside the house, part-time, at the school district. Very different we are indeed, right down to the way we eat. We do not even share any of the same hobbies or sports, but we have always gotten along pretty well. Not as much when I lived out East, I would come in for a few days to a week and leave and I think that there were parts of her that were always envious. She is not very good at expressing her feelings or talking, I think that is the Minnesotan in her. She has never traveled and has no desire to. I think I have a better understanding and respect for her life, but I think sometimes it is very difficult for her to understand mine. And she has never really taken the time to try, so sometimes we get to this point and it is hard to move past it, that is where we are at now. This is not the first time this has happened, and I am sure we will work through this, but it is just hard on me and very frustrating.

I am looking forward to my move, which is now December 1st, but it is set in stone this time and I cannot wait! The boy has been wonderful talking about helping me and where we will put things and what I need and everything, it has been very sweet. I love all of the woodwork and builtins in my new place and cannot wait to get in and unpacked, I am very anxious.

Every year I have a traditional holiday cocktail party which is always a lot of fun. I like to do it the first full weekend of December, however this year that would be tough. The boy has drills that weekend and I will most likely not be as settled as I want to be, so I am planning for the 16th, I need to get the invitations out now though, but I am worried with the move and everything. I guess I should just be confident and go for it. I have not gotten my results back either and that could change things a tad, but I can work through anything. Oh what the hey, I think I am just going to do it, and not worry, yet anyway. I have a ton of fabulous holiday wear that I am ready to break out anyway.

Off to an all day training, I am really looking forward to it though, maybe not the five mile walk in heels through the skyway, but I guess it is good exercise.

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