Friday, November 10, 2006

When it rains, tornado's touch down!

So FL was good. A trip well worth taking no matter how last minute it was. I like traveling by myself too, but it would have been nice for someone to have come with me to take advantage of the all of the things that I was unable to because I was too busy working. The flight was good, I love to fly and I am one of those people who is usually asleep before we even take off and get a good 15 minute to hour nap in and then I am all refreshed. I was upgraded to first class both there and back too which helps. I have tried to keep most of my business and pleasure travel to NWA or KLM so that I can keep all of my miles together which has paid off because then I get all of the bumps and such.

It was warm, muggy and rainy when I got into Orlando, and proceeded to rain buckets into the evening. They had put me up at The Boardwalk Inn which was very nice, and they upgraded me to a Villa with a view of the Boardwalk. I had dinner alone Tuesday night at Flying Fish Cafe which was excellent, and I didn't have to walk outside in the rain to get there. They have one of those open kitchens where you can sit at a bar and watch them cook which was perfect for a single diner. The food was great and I really enjoyed it. After dinner the rain had let up so I was able to take a stroll and enjoy some of the free entertainment on the boardwalk, but it was back to the room early to get a good nights sleep in preparation for my presentation Wednesday.

Tornados touched down in the area during the storm which I guess is not very common in that area, but I am not surprised, it was really stormy. Wednesday morning was beautiful though and I was able to go on a long walk in the morning. The Boardwalk was within walking distance of both Epcot and MGM so it was a good location, IF I was able to enjoy. . . .

The presentation went very well and I was very pleased with the outcome. They had me on the schedule for 30 minutes, I wound up taking over 2 hours, but at their request and insistence. They had a lot of questions and there was a lot of really good conversation. I had a ton of emails from the group that I presented to upon my return today, all very positive comments and more good questions so I am very pleased about that as well.

The boy picked me up from the airport last night and we went for pancakes, which was all I was in the mood for. I have not been feeling like myself for weeks and found out that I need to have a tumor on my remaining ovary biopsied today, so I am off to have that done this afternoon. Not sure how I am going to be feeling afterwards, they gave me the whole scoop over the phone, but needless to say it will be a low-key weekend on the couch for the most part at the boys. He has been wonderful though so that is good. I think I will just be happy once I know one way or another what the problem is and then the course of treatment. I have not told my sister or mom and dad about this yet, I want to see what the results are before I get people unnecessarily worried. They will probably not be too happy, but everyone has a lot going on and if this is nothing and is good news I would rather share that. If it is not good news, I would at least like to be able to give them more information.

Back to work, lot's to catch up on today and then get ready for a low key weekend! I am glad I have my first season of Nip/Tuck and Entourage on DVD as well as a couple of movies, magazines, and books, yep I stocked up and last night we stopped at the store and got things that I might feel like eating. I guess I may be nauseous, especially after anesthesia. Crackers, sprite and cranberry juice, that is what is on the menu. Maybe some toast or english muffins!

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Bossy Bar-Wife said...

Jilly, Glad you had a good trip and are back safely. I'm thinking of you this weekend-- I know this is hard, but hopefully you'll have some good news.