Friday, October 06, 2006

Wine Club Part Deux

So, here we go again. I had a meeting for the wine club again last night. This time I did not make the mistake of making reservations based on my last experience and just had a large round booth in the bar reserved. I had a sign on the table to identify us. Nine people had confirmed with their RSVP and yes, two people showed up. This time at least my expectations had already been set by the last time. I didn't want to be out late because Grey's was on, so to be honest, and I hate this attitude, I didn't really care.

The first person to show up was a girl my age, who had moved here a year and a half ago from Portland, OR. She is originally from SD, so she moved back here to be closer to her family, hmmm sound familiar. She was very nice, we had a lot in common and she used to work in a tasting room at a Vineyard out West, so definitely a wine-o like me. There was a gentleman that showed up a little later, but he didn't really seem to "dig" us. We each had one glass of wine and left shortly there after. We did talk wine a bit and the girl and I walked back to our cars together chatting about upcoming ideas for events. I put together a questionaire and did send it out to the group, there are now over 55 people signed up online. I have gotten a few responses back and I am a little surprised. I just cannot seem to find anyone who is that into wine here. Okay, this is the worst part, one of the questionaires that I got back, said, oh this hurts. . ."I only drink White Zin and I don't like any other wines, I hope this won't limit me to any events". Does anyone think that maybe this was a joke? Oi! Well, our next event I planned for October 25th and it is dinner at a BYOB restaurant in downtown here that is really good, so maybe, another shot, hopefully a few more will show. I will definitely be on the cautious side when making reservations though.

This weekend is the Twins, the movies, dinner, the birthday party which I still have not figured out what to wear or what to bring, hopefully the Twins game here and then of course working on the house. I also have my class Saturday morning where I will get to go and torture my body, but I am sure I will enjoy it! Lot's on my "ta-da" list so hopefully I will get some of that crossed off as well.

I did not like the shoes I had on today, so I HAD to get a new pair, which is what makes working downtown so convenient. Just hopped over to Saks and picked up the cutest pair of brown suede ballet flats. So not an impulse purchase because they will go with everything all fall. They are the Saks brand with leather soles and uppers so very comfortable already. I have another Three Chickadees headband and watch band today, I am just loving these and if I had not had so much work today I would have had more time to order more. Oh well, maybe this weekend or next week! SO glad it is the weekend!

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Bossy Bar-Wife said...

I'm glad I found your blog, I'm enjoying it a lot! I can't wait to hear about this 2 pm birthday party!