Monday, October 09, 2006

Ultimate Prepster Help!

Weekend was nice here. We watched the Twins lose the third game in a row. It was a tad painful, but at least we got to watch the game. And, I even sucked it up and went to Applebees with the boys to watch it. I HATE chain restaurants, but it is boy's movie night and they let me tag along, so I usually do not put up too much of a fuss about where we eat. We saw The Departed which was fabulous. I heard a review Saturday morning for it and they said that if you were going to see any movie this season, that was the one to see. So far I would have to agree, and if you are from the Boston area, it has some great Boston accents ;)

I woke up and decided to go and torture my body for 75 minutes in class with my sister. I was actually very surprised that I was not a little bit more sore over the weekend and today, just my lower abs. So I decided to torture myself a little bit more and I signed up for her Tuesday night class, so now I will have twice the fun. It really is a great class though and she does work every muscle and body part!

The boy and I ran to Menards with the list of stuff needed for the B.P. house. I was needed for this because I have the truck (a boy in MN without a truck is not a normal thing, and I know I call mine a truck, but it is an SUV). We got pretty much everything we needed, BUT we had to be showered and up to this "surprise" party by 2:00. Well, let's just say I did not drop him off so that I could go and shower until after 1:00 and the party was at least a 30 minute drive. We decided since she was not going to arrive until 3:00 that we would get there after 3:00 and be fine. We did that, BUT, she was still not there so as we are walking up the driveway we get yelled at to RUN! she is on her way! Oh boy, so in we walk to two rooms full of semi-hidden people that have been consuming alcohol for an hour already. Oh boy! The party was nice though, she was surprised and I got to meet a few of his college friends whom I think were all quite surprised to meet me as well. The boy is pretty tight lipped about his personal life which was fine by me. At one point someone asked him how we met, we sort of stumbled around that question, we had never really talked about how that would be answered if someone should ask. Of course all of my friends and family know that I met him on, but I don't think that he is very comfortable with that. We talked about it later and he said that he would rather tell people we met at Jacob's which is the bar where we met to watch the Twins/Yankees game, but I told him I don't think he should lie. One of his other friends asked how long we had been "hanging out" and we both stumbled through that as well. I am not very good with labels and such and I also think that when outsiders start asking about your relationship they tend to pass judgements. I am not sure where we are going or anything but I think that it is up to us to decide. I know that neither of us want children, he knows that I don't think I want to get married again, I am not positive how he feels about this but I don't think he has a problem with it, I also cannot see either of us living with someone else or one another, but time will tell and that is for us to determine. One of his friends was there with his wife, they have been married a month and met 18 months ago at a singles event. I am happy for him and I think it is great, but I think 18 months is short. But they are both in their mid 30's and I think they know what they want so that is great. It was nice, and after we went to grab a beer and watch the Mets and Dodgers game and then back for a movie, he had not seen Miracle and really liked it.

Worked on the B.P. house most of the day yesterday, it is really starting to look good. Carpet goes in tomorrow and Wednesday, that will make a huge difference, then there are little things here and there, but it should be completed by the weekend. I have a ton of pics to upload, so I will have to get to that. I am also having a lot of work issues so I am dealing with that as well.

October 28th, we have been invited to a few Halloween parties. My favorite one though where all of my friends will be, has an 80's theme. So I decided in honor of TOPH being published in 1984 that we would go as Ultimate Prepsters. Our RSVP even stated that Muffy and Chip would be in attendance. I have a lot to choose from in my wardrobe but needed to work on his "costume". So I picked him up a pair of Nantucket Reds and a matching stripe polo from the polo outlet this weekend (both on sale!). I figured he can layer the polo and throw a sweater over his shoulders. I even ordered a VV belt for the occasion. However, this is where I need the help, shoes. Do we go with sperry's, penny loafers, a bean tassle, or flip flops? All without socks of course, but it gets kind of cold in MN so the flip flops may have to be out. We will also be bringing our own traveling bar for martini's, but any other thoughts to shoes for him or accessories would be greatly appreciated!!!!!! Thanks!


lisagh said...

For true 80s, I'd go with the Top Siders... ubiquitous footwear of the time. If you can wrap them with electrical tape, all the better!

jillskict said...

Ahhh the electrical tape! A must have!