Wednesday, October 11, 2006


So there were flurries this morning as I headed into work. Not happy about this. I am just not ready for winter yet. I don't even have all of my hat, mittens and scarves out yet and have not even thought about my winter coats! I am SO not ready for winter and snow. I did put on a thick Norwegian sweater and turtleneck with my black wool capri's, but I think that I am going to have to look to see what is in the wardrobe ready for winter. Luckily I park in what I like to call Princess Parking downtown so it is heated and they take my car for me. I also just walk through the skyway so I don't really need to go outside yet. BUT STILL SNOW?????? I guess this means I really need to get my holiday cards ordered and my card list sorted out as well as get my gift list together.

I worked from home yesterday, not the whole day as I slept a good portion of it too. I got put on a new medication and I had a reaction to it. Not a good one, not a terrible one, but when I called it in, they said okay, lets just decrease the dosage to half. That seemed to have done the trick though so now we will see how it goes. I hate drugs, but if it keeps me well and healthy that is the most important thing. I was reading Suburban Cupcakes blog this morning and it appears as though she is no longer in remission, or her cancer has come back. I really would rather not be in that boat, but I wish her all the best and will keep her daily in my thoughts. Keeping your strength up is the most important thing. For some reason I can't comment from here on her blog but I will later when I get home.

I made my daily stop by the "garage" this morning, I love reading this blog, smiles and giggles I cannot help as she has some great adventures with some great friends. They just finished celebrating their Thanksgiving in Canada, which got me thinking about my Thanksgiving this year. There is a new addition, the boy. It has been 6 months, it will be over 7 at the point and I am not sure what the precedence is for dinner and such. Thanksgiving is just my parents and my sister and her family and I did all of the cooking last year, but I am not sure if I should invite him this year or not. I guess play it by ear and see what he says. I am going to have to start thinking about the menu though I know that.

The house is really coming along. Carpeting went in last night from what I understand, I will be over there after work to help with a couple of things. It looks as though everything will be completed by the weekend which is perfect timing. His parents come back from their trip Friday, I know they will be surprised with the results over the past week and a half and it looks like it will be ready to go on the market this weekend. Can't wait to see it tonight! He has drills this weekend, so it will be nice that it is all done, after this though I am sure he is going to need a rest. No talk of a movie on Friday yet though either, probably because he is saving that night just in case there are some last minute things that need to get done. His grandmother is also not very well, so that is concerning as well. Hopefully pictures later!

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